Friday, 19 February 2021

A little crotch

 Well I made Freddie Badger a while ago and he has been sat butt nekkid on the shelf for a while. He now has some little green dungarees to wear. The patterns come from Cool Crafting based in Kendal and you can get them as kits which is what this was! Fun to do and so ooo cute! 

I’ve now got to make his shirt, gilet and boots! Living half term! Got my COVID injection next week. Hopefully the govt play it extra safe lifting restrictions as it’s still very very prevalent I think. 


Happy Friday folks 

Lots of love from Rachel *sold another two bags today* Radiostar xxx


  1. Freddie Badger is absolutely smashing... just love the little bee. Great that you have your vaccine very soon. keep well Amanda x

  2. Oh my! Freddie Badger is adorable! And those dungarees!! This makes me wish I could sew. X

  3. Aww he's lovely. Is he for a special somebody or will he live with you? I hope they take things slowly as well and I definitely hope the eat out to help out scheme has been shelved. I was never convinced about that particular brainwave. Anyway, I suppose all we can do is hope it stays manageable while people get back to living their lives as best they can. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  4. Freddie Badger is a handsome guy.


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