Saturday 27 February 2021

March 1st isn’t until Monday!

 March 1st 2021

In haste to wish away February! Just double checked on the calendar and it is still Winter for two days!! 

It's Saturday. There's Wales V England on the telly later. I scrubbed my bathroom with bleach as thanks to daily rinsing of Madam it was absolutely BOGGIN! All lovely and clean. A good 10/10 on 4 in a bed scales. About to dip my toe in my freshly drawn bubble bath when the HG appears demanding use of said bathroom. with gritted teeth I allowed it. With hissed instructions of don't you DARE leave a trace of mess hahah 

It's a good job for the break betwixt bath run and me getting in it because I keep forgetting just how good the new boiler is at it's job! The water is HOT and fast! So I have had a lovely bubble bath. Several loads of washing have been done and I went into panic mode when a Sainsrobbers van pulled up outside. Have I ordered something? For some reason - unknown- The Sainsrobber account goes to our house email, which I cannot access on my mobile phone, which is my most used device for emails etc. I've tried resetting passwords and inputting information but it doesn't work. Anyroad, the reason for the 'panic' is that last Saturday the HG asked me if I had a shopping delivery coming. I said yes - I need to amend the basket before 11pm. Now I am doing my bit to stay home as much as I can hence online shopping. I can count the number of actual real supermarket visits since March 28th last year as less than 10. The most recent being Wednesday but more on that later. 

So if you don't know how it works. You sign in to your account and then you book a delivery slot. You then get an hour to check out and secure your slot. At the time I was probably very busy with the dog or work and just stuck the first random things in there to get it to £40 minimum spend to secure the delivery slot. If you don't go through the checkout within an hour you could lose that delivery slot. 

So last Saturday, I put off opening up the laptop to do the shopping because UGH I HATES IT and then cam ethe evening and my daily sofa sleep. We woke up at 10.56pm. Arrrgh! 

Too late 

So here is what I took delivery of. Thankfully you are allowed to reject at the door - I never touched anything by the way covid police - 

Trolley summary

Sainsbury's Fairtrade Bananas LooseSainsbury's Fairtrade Bananas Loose
Quantity: 2
Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums Tangy Sweets Bag 165gMaynards Bassetts Wine Gums Tangy Sweets Bag 165g
Quantity: 1

Sainsbury's Closed Cup White Mushrooms 300gSainsbury's Closed Cup White Mushrooms 300g
Quantity: 1
Sainsbury's Maris Piper Potatoes 2.5kgSainsbury's Maris Piper Potatoes 2.5kg
Quantity: 1
Sainsbury's British Wafer Thin Honey Cured Ham 400gSainsbury's British Wafer Thin Honey Cured Ham 400g
Quantity: 1
Sainsbury's Wholemeal Rolls x6Sainsbury's Wholemeal Rolls x6
Quantity: 1
New York Bakery Co. Bagels, Plain x5New York Bakery Co. Bagels, Plain x5
Quantity: 1

Sainsbury's Butterhead Salad 80gSainsbury's Butterhead Salad 80g
Quantity: 5
McVitie's Rich Tea Biscuits 300gMcVitie's Rich Tea Biscuits 300g
Quantity: 1
Sainsbury's Iceberg LettuceSainsbury's Iceberg Lettuce
Quantity: 1
Sainsbury's British Semi Skimmed Milk 2.27L (4 pint)Sainsbury's British Semi Skimmed Milk 2.27L (4 pint)
Quantity: 5
Muller Corner Vanilla & Banana Yogurts with Chocolate Balls 6 x 130gMuller Corner Vanilla & Banana Yogurts with Chocolate Balls 6 x 130g
Quantity: 4
Kellogg's Special  K Original Cereal 750gKellogg's Special K Original Cereal 750g
Quantity: 5
Sainsbury's British Skimmed Milk 2.27L (4 pint)Sainsbury's British Skimmed Milk 2.27L (4 pint)
Quantity: 4

TWO bananas - what use is that to anyone? I have two menfolks who like an eleven o'clock banana! I usually buy 2KG! Also all that milk! Mind you with all that special K I would have been super slim in a week! 

The delivery lady was so nice about it! I sent back all the multiples of milk and cereal and yogurts bar one of each and I kept all the salad bags because they are my favourite and easily get eaten in a week! But still. And truth be told - I am here blogging instead of online shopping!! I really am in a funk with it.  You certainly dont get as good options to choose from as in store - WITH PEOPLE -so at the moment I will put up and shut up. Last week I got one from Iceland and I really was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience! 

So on Wednesday the HG went out, on a date. We drove to our romantic destination. Queued up with hundreds of others, stood in line waiting to get jabbed! Because we had the Ppppppppffffzieieferzer one we got to sit down too for an extra 15 minutes. Giddy we were. So giddy we went to Booths on our way home ( Like Northern Waitrose! ) The HG declared it to be like Christmas as he up and downed the aisles throwing all sorts of goodies in the trolley! I was as bad - baked sour dough crisps, balsamic vinegar and sea salt flavour? Get in my trolley! Irish cream whiskey cheesecake yellow stickered from £5 to £1.30 - Get in my trolley! Cider apple and honey organic outdoor reared pork sausages slso yellow stickered? - get in my trolley. They also sell my very favourite cyprus potatoes so a big paper bagful of those was harvested!! Totally forgot to get marg and sugar. Both was what we actually needed hahah

£70 that night out cost us!!

We both moaned about having sore arms for 24 - 48 hours and we both got a headache but apart from that were absolutely fine. 

So with my twice weekly covid test for work, and the vaccine I do feel slightly better for the steps ahead until June 21st. BUT I am not counting any chickens. I feel that come March 8th when all schools are back a vast majority and I hope I am wrong, but I believe a vast majority will consider this the end of lockdown and I will see far less social distancing going on.  Reports of migrants landing illegally in Dover all positive for COVID make me narked. But I won't get into a rant with that now. 

So I have one more week of lockdown school to go. Don't shoot me, but I quite like lockdown school! It's so very quiet and I can actually get quite a bit of work done! The weather is getting better and pegging out has occured. I am going to make some pegbags for my little Pawesome Makes page I think. 

It's so lovely to see one of my lovely chums back blogging again. And to all the familiars in my reading list. It's a good job you lot are more dedicated than I am! I think it is because I am spending so much more time at the moment in front of a screen that to do it for pleasure - which is what my blogging it - has become a pain. It worries me not that being in lockdown means I have nothing to write about because I can quite honestly say Lockdown me is very close to none lockdown me! 

Right It's already gone lunchtime and I am unfed. Leftover cajun dirty rice for lunch yum yum. Probably will have it for tea too. The butcher came this morning so we are having traditional roast beef for tomorrow with Yorkshires and roasties and gravy. Already looking forward to it!

Lots of love from

Rachel * 36 pints of milk and 3.75KG of malty wheaty flakes* Radiostar xxx


  1. I didn't like ordering groceries online last year when the lockdown first happened. I found I spent way more money than I usually would. I remember buying what I thought was two green peppers. I ended up with two bags of green peppers. I envy you for getting your vaccines. Our rollout is so incredibly slow. The only people who have been vaccinated (and not even both of their vaccines) are residents of nursing homes and now most of the people who work in the nursing homes. It will likely be August before my age group gets anything. I LOVE baked goods at a reduced price. Somehow it justifies all those calories! -Jenn

  2. What a good thing you are able to reject things - although I guess you could have had a luxurious milk bath!

    Enjoy the last week of lock-down school before you get back to whatever is the new normal..... with so many children who've probably forgotten how to behave in school - jolly good fun!

  3. We do the same for our online shopping, chuck anything in the basket to the value of £40 to save the delivery slot and then do our shopping list the day before. We always chuck in a couple bottles of wine which we never remove. Loving the dry sunny days, but it's still Feb so no mad cutting back in garden. Seeds packets laughing at me, trying to get me to sort early, but no, not yet.

  4. Ha Ha!! I love the delivery slot story - I book a forward slot with Mr Tesco (that sounds incredibly rude, doesn't it?!!) and sometimes put loads of tins of beans in the trolley, then checkout. That keep the slot and I get a reminder texted to my phone.
    I have put in one bottle of expensive champagne (which would have had free delivery - being over £40 - but then found it makes no matter what you pop in your trolley. Sometimes I have a real giggle doing 'pretend shopping': for example, everything yellow, or spelling out words using the first letters of products....
    Yes it's lockdown, but it can be fun too!!

  5. That is interesting to see what you ordered and the prices. I am staying out of stores and having food delivered. Here in California I use Instacart and can choose from about 10 stores. When I can go grocery shopping myself it will be fun to choose which produce to buy, etc. I got both my jabs so may go in a grocery store next week. Yes, I am wild. Good to hear you two got your jabs.

  6. I've never managed to get on board with online food shopping. I can drive to the store, get what is on my list and have it packed away in my cupboards in the time it would take me to fill an online trolley. X

  7. So glad you got your vaccines!
    I go to the shop but very first thing when it has just opened. There's not many people around at that point.

  8. Haha, I can relate to sticking anything in the trolley just to save the slot. My usual is a chicken and dog food, neither of which we ever need weekly, it's just habit. I love on line shopping, I just click through my favourites and then have a few minutes looking at extras that we fancy. I'd quite like LD school to be a part time even if I'm being honest. Two days in 3 days off would suit us just fine. The mornings are so much more relaxed in pandemic mode. I'm envious of your fast flowing hot water. I can read half a book waiting for our bath to fill! xx

  9. I live right in front of two big supermarkets...well there is a park between me and the shops! As I was saying practically in front so I think it is a bit daft for me to shop online for groceries. I just choose the quietest moment of the day to go shopping usually about 3pm as everyone is having siesta. Your giddy shopping spree certainly made me laugh LOL! Great that you have had your vaccinations. Take care Amanda x


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