Thursday, 15 February 2018

Porridge for breakfast today.

It's cold, it's squally and shortly I'm going to make my porridge, with water and salt. I love it like that just as equally as I do with cream and syrup! Today is a water and salt type of day. But first a little catch up.
I wanted to show you this sweet little cardi I knit for my niece  who is now about 33 weeks pregnant. Her mum threw her a surprise baby shower on Sunday and I bought her an 'advice for parents' book and this cardigan was for then. My niece sometimes reads my blog so didn't want to spoil the surprise in any way though to be fair, I think she had guessed.

It's baby merino in a soft oatmeal colour. We do not know the flavour of the baby yet! Think I might do a little hat to match. 
Speaking of hats, I'm also knitting a little newborn pink hat and a blue one. I'll send both ( I am rather traditionalist and like baby girls in pink, and boys in blue - I'll just wait here to be shot down in flames by the PC brigade for having such a controversial view in this day and age ) AND whichever one she wants to keep, she can give the other to the midwife who might know of a little baby whose Mama might not have much. Also I could try out my new Knit Pro needles - I love them.

I have just realised that it is SELF CROSSING WOOL!!self striped wool blows my mind  but this is a whole new level people! It was just a random ball I took out of my stash! Which has grown since I last fessed up on the blog a few years ago! I found a pie chart on FB that illustrates this perfectly. 

We don't 'do' Valentine's Day as a rule but yesterday we'd got each other a cute card.... I'd been presented with this beautifully wrapped 'in an old tissue pattern' bale of fabric that the HG had picked out for me to make several things! With some patterns and posh new feet for the sewing machine! Look how gorgeous it all was!! In return I made him gammon, egg and pineapple with 
Real. Deep. Fried. Chips. With Cyprus potatoes because they are the best ones! 

And quickly a bit of showing off and telling! . 
Well, you know my beautiful coat I showed you a couple of posts back? Well have you ever wished you'd bought two of something because you loved it so much. I've a few pair of boots in my mind right now too. Anyhoo. I had a look online and the coat was still in the sale. Roman Originals if anyone wants a look see. Anyway I thought I'd get a smaller one to 'grow' into. 
Well it came yesterday. AND I AM IN IT!!! Admittedly it's tight but I AM IN IT! 

So, the dilemma was do I keep it or do I send it back for the next size down? 

It is very snug - but do I keep it because it won't look that ridiculous even if I do get a bit more weight off, or do I challenge myself to go for it for the smaller one and risk not fitting in it at all! 

I started a bit of gentle exercise this week. Blew the cobwebs off the stepper,

took the cellophane off Davina

and had a go on the rower the HG brought home once from a customer! Today I am waiting for Amazon to bring me my new weighted hula hoop and I've watched some videos on how to do it! As mostly I'll be getting the exercise from bending down to pick it back up off the floor! It's like I don't even know myself anymore!

Right I am STARVING  and I need my porridge. Then it's in the craft room remaking a too big top I started last year.

Pam - Do you see your quilt? It lives in here ready to go on the guest bed for when Miss 23 is home xxx 

HAVE A GREAT Thursday everyone x 

Lots of love from Rachel *Two coats* Radiostar 


  1. Given your dramatic reinvention I think that I would send the coat back and order the next size down. I did have a stepper, I watched the telly while working away and fell off a few times when I got too deep into the program. I spy the quilt. How lovely to be making clothes smaller, you have shown true grit that's for sure.

    1. Aww thanks Pam x I really do respect your opinion x

  2. I love the colour you have used for the baby cardigan and that pink does it do that? I just can't get my head around how self striping and crossing wool works...but it is very cool.
    What a wonderful Valentine's present. Andy wouldn't know where to start with anything to do with sewing.
    Send the coat back and get a smaller one. You have done so well that I am sure you will finish what you started and be into that smaller coat before you know it.

  3. What a happy, happy entry. From beginning to end it cheered me up completely, just what I needed. Thank you!
    J xxxxx

  4. Love the beautiful cardigan and I must admit I am a little bit of a traditionalist too. Impressed with your determination for losing weight.

  5. Fabulous self crossing wool! It’s smart wool! Love your vally prezzies too. I won’t venture any coat advice, other than do what you want to xx

  6. Love your pie chart, it's so true. Through the cooler months I always have porridge, it's a brilliant breakfast.

    1. I try to have a different breakfast every day!

  7. Those crosses in the hat are blowing my mind too. I'm not a knitter so it probably makes it worse! xx

    1. I wish I had more of the wool so I could knit a large enough piece just to see the crosses in their full glory!

  8. Pink for girls? You gender Nazi!

  9. The cardigan is so adorable. I do hope we might eventually get to see it's new owner.:)
    At the rate you're going Rachel, I think you're going to need the coat in the next size down. You're doing amazingly well and I am full of admiration at your determination.
    My neighbour (who lived to 101) used to have salted porridge for breakfast every morning. X

  10. I love the little cardie. How thoughtful of the HG to get you such lovely things for valentines day.

  11. Loving your Val's day gifts! I've just been sitting here thinking "I really love that tree wallpaper" and realised that we have bought exactly the same one for when we redecorate the living room!

  12. Hi Racheal, I found your blog about a month ago from comments that you had made on other blogs. Whenever I find a blog that looks interesting I like to read it from the beginning. So, yes I have spent the last month, off and on, reading all your blog posts!!! You have made me laugh so much, even with all the ups and downs you and your family have gone through. What I want to now is where you found the motivation to loose all that weight cause I'd love for you to send some my way! Looking forward to your next post so I can keep following your j... no not gonna use that word, lets say adventures!!lol

  13. The cardigan is so cute. I like blue for boys and pink for girls as well, especially for a newborn. The self crossing wool has blown my mind, how do they get it to do that! You are looking pretty damn good in that photograph but if you've not reached target weight I'd send it back. With the willpower you've shown you're definitely going to get there :) Laughing at picking the hula hoop up, it's probably just as good exercise as being able to do it properly. xx


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