Sunday 4 March 2018

Is everyone thawing out yet?

Well, it was like starring in one of my favourite films - The day after tomorrow - but fortunately I didn't have to throw any of my classics on the fire, like my Enid Blytons et al, like they did in the film. It WAS cold, but barely a dusting of snow for more than a day, much to my disappointment. I've been glued to the news, hoping that everyone is going to be OK. They ALWAYS have some poor journalist in a massive fur lined hooded parka, battling against the elements to tell us how cold it is. (WE ALREADY KNOW!! ) Usually they make them shout into microphones at the coast so they are being buffetted with wind and huge waves. These poor hapless souls then ask POINTLESS QUESTIONS to locals in the area what they think about the weather!!!
I've seen reports about people grumbling about the gritters and how the councils and government are not doing enough. For the love of Pete, no one can stop the weather! Rural areas ARE going to be cut off. People WILL travel. I think one reason we appear to be underprepared is that The Daily Express has been warning about Snowmaggedon for so long, it's like Peter cries wolf. Similarity, the met office puts all these warnings in place which often amount to us saying, 'is that it?' when said warning level weather underwhelms us. But by golly, we are British and this is our weather so we will talk about it....I'm blooming doing it now! There have been some really tragic accidents this last week and my heart goes out to those families. In my part of the world, we got away relatively scot free. It's been a bit windy and cold. Miss 23 has had it worse in the NE but Freddie has loved it. Miss 23 really does take some cracking photos. I was asked the question, Does Freddie like the snow?' What do you think?

Speaking of whom, they came for a visit last weekend. We enjoyed a lovely walk and really good quality family time together and I've really missed them since they've gone back. Not sure how much enjoyment is linked to the completely spotless and tidy house I came back to Monday lunchtime after they'd gone.....this is because Miss 23 and her beau had completely tidied up after themselves and left the house beautiful for me 💜. They can come again!

In other news, I went and got my next big certificate and shiny sticker from the secret cult I belong to...

So I went and got my hair done! I need to set myself another mini target now and suitable none foods reward. I'd really love pert bosoms that stay where they are when I take my bra off...however I think I will work on having a manicure or something like that!

One of my favourite breakfasts is to have 40g porridge oats layered with frozen fruit and yogurt that you leave overnight. It's so filling and pretty! 

Craftingwise I can't recall what I already shared but three little hats are ready now for my niece ( 37wks now wooooo! ), I'm wearing a top I made for myself which has had me receiving compliments which make me feel squirmy!! I want to start making a quilt for my bed. I have all the fabric, just need to start!

Mr 20 turns 21 on April 21st. He doesn't know what he wants. Miss 23 at 21 got the money for her trip to New Zealand. We offered to put the deposit down on one of those little finance cars - he declined as he walks to work and doesn't 'need' one ( which, to be honest, I'm glad of the lack of ..has he died in a car crash worry ).  Talking of cars, a little old lady reversed into the side of our car. That's the third time, our innocently parked empty LARGE ESTATE so not exactly hidden from sight car has been reversed into! The bloke at the insurance asked me if indeed, it was magnetic. So I've had to deal with a distraught HG who loves his car more than any of us, the insurance and car hire place!
Right, I'm going to add some photos and then ferret around in some other blogs to see what I've missed.
Today's antics include three loads of washing, a visit to my friend's four year old's party, a venture to the local posh garden centre to formally request the garden seat I've sat on and admired and wished for for years, as my reward for my long service with the council.

I've to put some money to it but it's well within my grasp now! Isn't it beautiful? It's so comfy too. I didn't really know what to go for and there are ridiculous rules in place as to what to get. It HAS to come from an independant retailer which irked me somewhat at first....because it's the only one I'll get even though I've another 21 years to work before I can retire....I'd wanted to squeeze as much value out if the £271 excl VAT as I could! But I do like to support local businesses where I can! I will also be making something SW friendly for tea and generally sitting on one's backside! I will not be attempting to hula hoop today. I will rebegin my quest tomorrow. It's a weighted one that's supposed to do miracles for my waist and core. It's also a fun thing. That's what 'they' say.

I could never keep a hoop up at Primary School, so why I thought now I'm in my mid to late forties I'd be miraculously be able to do it, I don't know. I tell you what I am really good at. Bending down to pick it up. I was horrified at the first instruction though....

. put on hot pants and a crop top!!

I've watched tons of instructional videos, I've watch the children at work. I've tried not to over think it. Three spins and it drops. It's three spins whether I stand stock still or wiggle/rock/shimmy. I think I'm stuck in a catch 22 situation. Hula hooping will tone one's waist...but I think one needs a waist to keep the hula hoop left. People who comment on this blog declaring they are a National champion at hula hooping WILL be blocked and reported!

Right, it's 8am and I'm going to knit whilst I watch and try to resist buying anything from Create and Craft!
Stay warm and safe blogland dwellers xx

Lots of love from
Rachel *contented* Radiostar xxx

 Miss 23's work! I think those icicles are on the inside!
Made me laugh! 

Stay warm! I love my fire! 


  1. What a lot of news! I don't know where to start.
    Ah, yes, hula hooping. I used to be really good as a child but can I keep it up for even one rotation? Does a turkey like Christmas?
    I gave up!

    Our snow has just about gone now and I'm thankful because my boiler was playing up and it was jolly cold for a time. Really not at all nice!

    The garden chairs are lovely - you'll enjoy them once summer arrives.

    And finally - big congratulations on the continuing shrinking activities. May the force be with you!

    Have a good week and take care
    J x

  2. When I was in primary I could hulahoop as well as every other girl but not now. Looks like Freddy is loving the snow. Our friends in Alston have been snowed in for a few days. A village not too far from them, Nenthead, have 9ft snow drifts and we have nothing.

  3. Blooming marvellous weight loss Rachel. Well done that woman😊. Lovely pictures of Freddy too. My Springer used to get "crazy eyes" when she was super excited, just like your Freddy. Stay warm.

  4. Brilliant post, I too shout at the new reporters, why do they have to stand near where something happened, and WHY were they out when red weather warnings were Issues. Here in Hampshire we had cars stranded on A31 over night, in one car was the reporter and his crew, they made a second report the next night on how bad it was, BUT they should not have been there anyway, weather warnings are for everyone!!! Sorry but it does my head in! I have one of those hoops, eldest daughter left it behind, it's propped in the corner with my Jasmine climbing up, I picked it up to have a go, it was huge and heavy. Very well done for the weight loss, all this staying at home is not good for our waist lines, mine is out of control. Hope you get your chair set, it looks great, I can always come and try them out for you.

  5. Fantastic result at SW- you are an inspiration. We’ve had too much snow up here near Glasgow and it has led to some shockingly bad behaviour over bread and milk mainly wee wifies who could be classed as warriors of the Boadicea mould😹 i refused my LSA as I knew I had very little time before I needed to finish ( I had done 37 years and this was my “over 20 years award”. The option was to donate it to charity which I opted for but we were never quite sure if the charity in question received it. I have finished DH quilt and now making one for me-should only be about 4 weeks now til we get our motorhome. The schools and colleges here have been closed for three days and will open tomorrow. I’m off to do some more cleaning in the bedroom for the new carpet coming on Wednesday. Happy sewing. Catriona

  6. While we have had a fair amount of snow everything was fine until that awful wind started and made it all drift. There are still 4ft drifts along the verges of the lane into town but the roads are now clear.
    No empty shelves in the supermarket except for veg which is probably more down to problems with deliveries than panic buying.

    They are very bossy about where you can spend your award money aren't they? I remember Andy could only spend his at certain places when he got one.

    Love those pics of Freddie enjoying the snow.

  7. Your posts always make me smile :-)
    Wet here now
    The eyes of Freddy dog !
    I can't hoola hoop either - never could, even at age 7 when everyone else did - easily

  8. Brilliant Weight loss. Well done

  9. Wonderful post, Rachel! Congratulations on your recent success with your secret cult! Those are great pictures of Freddy and hanging out the wash in the snow, too. -Jenn

  10. Hi Rachel, Love the chairs you are going to get. Over here they are called a tete a tete. We have had mountains of snow just like some of the worst places over there. I'm sooooo sick of shoveling it. We had to use 4 wheel drive on our SUV to get down our street yesterday!! I'm still amazed at your huge weight loss. You've lost a whole person!!! You should make a little video of you and the hula hoop!!

  11. Wow, Freddie is having so much fun, he actually makes the snow look like it may be fun! I’ve seen the overnight oats before and really wish I liked yoghurt as it does look so nice. Keep warm xx

    1. I guess you could make it with custard! Or double cream......

  12. Don't you just roll hula hoops along the ground?! x

  13. Oh My God Lord you do make me laugh! I'm snorting at the hula hoop, the crop top and skimpy shorts. Would you not just get the same outcome rotating your hips a lot? Plus there'd be no irritation of a repeatedly fallen hula. Have you seen Joe Wicks on tv recently? He has some cracking exercise moves (and meals), and is quite easy on the eye too.... Lovely Freddie snaps. Soz about the HG's car xx

    1. Joe Wicks is a cheeky young scamp and I get exhausted just watching him!!

  14. What amazing pictures. Freddie looks so happy! That seat looks lovely. I bet you are looking forward to relaxing on it in the sunshine. That's a wonderful achievement at your 'secret club' what excellent willpower you must have. By the way have you tried hula hooping on the Wii fit? One bonus is you don't have to pick it up to have another go.......:)

    1. Yes! I was brilliant at it on the wii fit - which is why I thought I'd be able to do it easily!! I might get my son to set it back up on my tv upstairs - think the tv downstairs is too advanced and needs new cables - I'm that old now where complicated tech brings me out in hot sweats ( the hot sweats could be due to that age, tech or not!!!)

  15. Freddie's face is a picture lol. I always feel sorry for the weather reporters as well. And when they start interviewing Joe Public I have to turn the channel over - the questions and answers make me cringe. Could never watch blind date for the same reason.

    Your breakfast looks too pretty to eat - maybe I should make some and just admire them rather than wolfing them down. Might help with the lack of weight loss!

    The garden furniture is a great choice but why £271? It seems an odd amount. You'd think they'd round up or down, but up preferably. Good luck with the hula hooping. I couldn't even do it when I was a child so I'm impressed with your efforts.

    Back to normal here after snow days etc. This morning it's raining and foggy. Winter has been lovely but I'm looking forward to spring arriving now. xx

    1. I'm itching to get out in the garden and get it sorted.

  16. well done you with the weight loss. Good going!

    I used to be so good at hula hooping, but that was back in the day. I've tried with Violet's and can't manage one now. So sad.

    Any food in a jar gets my vote, that looks so pretty! xx


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