Saturday 10 February 2018

Saturday Morning - EDITED

It's cold and blustery and rainy outside. It's ok. I'm warm and cosy inside. I got up, washed the pots I was too lazy to sort last night, put some washing in the dryer, set a new load off in the washer, tidied up, ate a tangerine and came back to bed. I've ordered some fabric online and will be getting up,soon. I plan on the fastest hoovering ever downstairs so I can fanny about in my craft room to my heart's content.

First of all though, I have to do battle with Yodel.
I had a card through Wednesday with a tracking number saying it was left in my front porch. I do not have a front porch. I rang them. They had no such tracking order, and the hard to understand lady in foreign far away climes cheerily told me not to worry as the parcel wasn't meant for me!
Well, I sent an Amazon enquiry off to be given the information that it was delivered to a safe space.
The only things that are on my front are my recycling boxes. Very occasionally, my old delivery driver who sadly passed away before Christmas used to leave things in there for me. This new bloke is USELESS.
SO EITHER he has had it away with my parcel, or someone has seen him deliver it into the boxes and nicked it.
Wish them luck!! I don't need it!

At work, I am getting nothing done. Nothing. This is because I'm turning into Bill Oddie. With our little group, we have put out some food for the birds. Fat balls and budget mixed seed from Poundland. We've put it in one little bush, and we got a window feeder. The children are enthralled by the very naughty greedy squirrel who bats not an eye as he sits on our windowsill casually helping himself to pawfuls of seed, before scurrying off with stolen fatballs. But on the snowy day last week, in one bush there were, at the same time, some blue tits, a coal tit, a great tit, a pair of gold finch, a long tailed tit, a sparrow and a wren, much to the disgust of Mr Robin who was doing his best to defend his bush from the onslaught of visitors. Mrs Mistlethrush on the ground flirted quite shyly with Mr Blackbird as they scooped up the budget feast. Then the icing on the cake was a beauty of a nuthatch who visited.

HOWEVER, I live a two minute walk away from this bird show. In my garden, there is a veritable smorgasbord of every type of premium bird food in site. I've niger seed, peanuts, sunflower hearts, black sunflower see, mixed finch food, mixed no mess see, fat balls, suet nuggets and logs and flutter butter.
I've maybe one or two die hard bluetits who co e and a turkey sized wood pigeon!!! WTF?????

Poundland birdfood all the way from now on!!

I tried to take a photo of the nuthatch but it's rubbish!!

Bird bush central! 

Lots of love from Rachel *half term * Radiostar xxx

PS. News just in, the parcel was tucked behind my planter!!! Hardly secure *bad mood face* anyway it’s here and was discovered before I had to put on my assertive do not mess with me phone voice! 
Thank you for all your good wishes regarding my thumb! It’s much better now thanks! 
And the wedding dress - lots of people have asked. Well, the advert that I clicked on face book took me to a site called and from there I couldn’t find the frock. Bear with me... I just found it! £10!!!!!!! Says very small on the sizing. I may order it to fit into!!! Other reviews say it’s see through too!!! 


  1. Bed, I've been up since 6.30, Will does not sleep in, but it is lovely to have him on a sleep over whilst mummy and daddy have a night out. Plus I get to play with loads of cars and a talking tractor.

    1. If I had a baby here I’d willingly be up too!! I am up at 6-6.30 every day anyway! But it was bliss to get back in bed!!

    2. I'd get up at 6:30 to play with a talking tractor :o) My littlest niece had a pull-along toy that was meant to say :"circles, hearts and squares" but it sounded more like: 'circles, farts and swears". Oh how we laughed xx

    3. I bet it's forever known as that now in your house CT !

  2. Ah yes, Yodel. Useless. Hope your fabric delivery is in safer hands. Have fun in the craft room. It is where I plan to spend my day!

  3. Makes my heart melt to think of all the children watching the birds and the squirrel through the windows. It's surprising what will hold their attention. We used to have a nature table at school, do they still do that? We also had pets and dinner ladies would bring big jugs of hot drinks round in winter at morning break with a biscuit full of sugar! What we didn't have were endless tests and targets. There's a lot to be said for school back in the day. Laughing at your lack of feathered visitors. Get down to Poundland pronto. xx

    1. They do have nature tables n KS1 and had a Vicar of Dibleyesque pet worship this week!
      Hilarious story - it was the day when it was minus 4 and snowing. I had to talk to a little one who had brought a pet locust to school.
      I know this because the child said
      It’s not moving , look, and proceeded to shake the Chinese takeaway container it was brought in up and down causing an alarming rattling sound.
      We established that they had many more etc and we could say a prayer for it in the worship. The class teacher put it on top of the tropical fish tank out of reach!
      After the worship we discovered that God is indeed real and does answer prayers because like Lazarus, that flipping locust was back and alive!!!
      We then found out that said locust was actually not the pet she really wanted to bring. No, she wanted to bring in her lizard ( THAT SHE FEEDS THE LOCUSTS TO ) but school had said no reptiles!!!
      Forgot about that until you’d said about the pets!
      When I was there, we had pet gerbils in our class and I volunteered to look after them in the holidays much to the utter horror and disgust of my mother. Imagine then her joy, as I climbed up the cupboard to reach them where she’d out them, pulled the cage off, sawdust and more importantly, gerbils EVERYWHERE!!!
      It was the 70s, I’m 100% sure I got smacked!!

  4. I just enjoyed your locust story as much as your bird story in your post! Poundland is, I'm assuming, like our Dollerama, and that's funny that the birds like the cheap stuff better. Sometimes I think it's crazy that I buy $20 + dollars of bird seed just so squirrels can eat it. -Jenn

    1. Squirrels are God’s creatures too and they need to eat Jenn!!! 😂

  5. Very jealous re the Nuthatch. and so pleased the locust recovered so it could be fed to the lizards! You do have fun at your school.
    Picture this...............1983 and we'd just moved to a house where one of the carpets was shag pile - that's what it was called honestly ....really long stragly bits and we couldn't afford to replace. Anyway daughter brings home school hamster and lets it out to play and it spent hours finding bits of leftover food and other unknown bits to eat from among the stragly bits!.....I think it lived.

    1. Hahahaha!!! I remember shag pile carpet, my Aunty had it and we’d spend hours rolling in it and flattening it!!!!
      The next day after this photo, there were TWO nuthatches!!!
      I thought wooo they are rare - lol looked em up on RSPB and they are safely green in their wide coverage of the UK!!!

  6. I’m impressed with how neat the trimmed hedge looks.

    1. Think the council just comes along with one of those giant hedge loppers. I take no credit for the School greenery !

  7. I'm glad you found your parcel. I've had a dreadful experience with Yodel too.
    We never get many birds here either (Mog probably doesn't help with that), yet my friend who lives not far away gets loads. Her husband takes great delight in telling me about the pairs of tits he sees in his garden! X

    1. I think NDFC scared em off but the neighbours moved and took their F.C. with them!!!

  8. I love that you're putting bird feeders out at school and hopefully the pupils will grow into future birders!
    Those birdies are a law unto themselves, for weeks I had an almost staycation of 12-20 house sparrows, 5 days ago, pouff, all gone and none of the other birds are visiting the feeder that's still half full with sunflower hearts, mixed seeds and meal worms. They still have the buggy nibbles/meal worms one though, so I'm going to have to investigate whether I can find anything wrong with the other.

  9. Blimey, that dress sounds like a racy little number! Too small AND see through! Have you a bush in your garden? Just asking, because the reason you've so many feathered friends at school may be down to the cover the bush provides. They don't like feeling vulnerable to predators out in the open.
    Phew re the parcel. I was getting worried :o) What was in it? Glad thumb better in time for half term and........CRAFT TIME!!!!! Love, CT xx

    1. I've a huge bay tree that is right next to one feeder and a late conifer on the other side, plus really high washing lines they sit on when they come!!

  10. I reckon a new bird restaurant has opened round here somewhere as we don't seem to have many visitors just now.
    Half term already? Crikey it doesn't seem five minutes since it was back to school after Christmas. Ruby is off next week.
    Hope you got some good crafting time in.


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