Thursday 28 April 2016

The Hokey Cokey

I bring my bedding plants in,
I put my bedding plants out,
In out
In out
Shaking the soil all about
It's Springtime Hokey Cokey
Weather's turning around
That's what it's all about.

Ohhhhh plants in the kitchen
Ohhhhhh plants in the garden
Ohhhhhhh plants in the kitchen
In out in.  Out
Think I need a greenhouse! 

Snowing yesterday. Snow this morning. This is not right. I'm usually back in flip flops by now! 
It's a good job I'm British and therefore legally required to whine about whatever weather is happening right now! 

I wanted to share this quite local legend with you T'other day, but orange hands took over. Update - a light shade of Tangerine has been reached. may have seen/heard this but I'm carrying on regardless! 

En route to Miss 21's and back via the Motorway. You go on possibly the most scenic route on the motorway in the land.

Betwixt two little northern towns called Tebay and Kirkby Stephen there are some woods that you can see from the roadside that I call the Honeymoon Woods. 
There are several stories regarding the origins of this heart shaped wood. 
One is that a young couple eloped to marry against all wishes of their families a la Romeo and Juliet. On the Wedding Night, the husband killed the wife then killed himself and their heartbroken families planted the woods where they were found. 
Another is a young farmer planted the wood in memory of his young wife who died on their wedding night. 

Someone ( if you do a bit of google searching ) rather disappointingly came up with the truth of it's actually just a visual illusion due to how the trees have grown in the cleft of the valley. 

I choose to ignore the science and go with the love story! 

Last but not least is this screen shot of my 'Map my Walk' route of the mile I did last night at Night Owls. It makes me laugh every time I look at it!! 
It was a bit of a maths challenge set  by the children as we were trying to work out if 13.5 laps of the netball court was 1km, how many laps was a mile? They calculated approx 22 laps. It's actually about 20. 

Right off to comment and make a brew. 

See you soon. 
Lots of love from 

Rachel *Roger Bannister* Radiostar xxx 


  1. Still cold, isn't it. We'll be harvesting the runner beans indoors at this rate! :-)
    J x

    1. And the rest! My indoor hanging basket may well have to hang off one of the wall lights in the living room!

  2. The weather is driving me nuts at the moment, one minute rain, one minute sunny then frost, I know just how you feel x

    1. It's just the same today! I don't recall it being like this when I was a child!

  3. We got heavy hail storm at 3ish this morning. Nearly all melted now. How blind am I to have not noticed that heart shaped wood. We've travelled that way so many times. The romantic stories are nice.

    1. Ahhh but now you can be on the look out for it!

  4. It's crazy weather alright. Thankfully I don't have green (or orange, ha ha) fingers so don't have any plants to worry about. I love the story of the wood. Best to believe the romantic version. X

    1. Yes, blooming science person poking their nose in!!

  5. Yep get a greenhouse, plants under clothes but happy.

  6. Love the garden hokey cokey. I'm trying to hold off from bedding plants and hanging baskets until the end of May but I succumbed a teeny bit this morning and bought some geraniums. Google can be so emotionless at times. I'm going with the folklore although not too keen on the everybody dying bit. Glad to hear the orange hands are calming down haha. xx

  7. Never mind the plants, I am all confused by this weather!!! I bought bedding plants to put in on Monday and they are still in the little greenhouse sheltering from the weather, crazy huh, it is nearly may day!

  8. Science people should butt out. The romantic story is always the best story. Did anyone ever curl up in bed with a science book? No they bloody did


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