Sunday 22 November 2015

Easy like Sunday Morning.

This blog is brought to you from under my covers in bed at 8ish on a Sunday morning. The X Factor is on and I'm 'advert blogging'. Before Sky and the Magic FF x2 ( too slow ) X 6 ( oh come on ) X 12 ( much better ) and X 30 ( bloody hell TOO FAR , rewind! ) I used to do ' advert cleaning'. It's amazing how much you can get done in 3 minute bursts!! 
But because the thingies we got to work the telly upstairs don't work, we can watch Sky but have to endure the adverts and in the case of the X factor , all the crap that goes with the singing! 
Anyway, Cheryl looks dreadful, she's so skinny, she looks ill.  She makes Rita look huge! I'm not normally so Judgey McJudgey but I don't understand why her 'team' and she'll have one, seem to be doing all they can to accentuate her emaciated body and face. 
Anyway I don't even know why I'm watching this as I vowed I wouldn't after Louis Walsh  booted Paul Akister off last year when he had the chance. 

It's been a crazy week. 
We got a call at school on Monday that sent everyone into PANIC mode. We were being inspected. We are a CofE school and they send an Inspector from the Diocese to judge us. In a one day visit. It just meant that everything we do anyway had its eyes dotted and tees crossed. Including the Worship club that is run by and owned by the children in my class. 
I helped them to smooth it out and typed up their notes so it was more 'professional'. I was also in charge of operating the laptop for them as they always make a PowerPoint to go with their worships. 
The night before the inspection I woke up with a start at about 2.17am ( it was 2.17am )
I dreamt that as I pressed play on the you tube video clip the kids had found to illustrate perseverance - the theme of our worship ( Google Ormie the pig wants a cookie ) it came on on the big screen, in front of all the staff and children and INSPECTOR... A porn film. I could see all my colleagues faces in slow motion horror as I frantically pressed buttons to get rid of it. But each press of the button made it bigger, louder or more porno!!! 
I had to go to work an hour early just to set up the computer and check the video about ten times!!
Could you imagine! 

Anyway it went smoothly and the results of all our efforts will be published in due course. 

I've sent the easy read murder mystery book off to Mrs G and if you look inside the book,Mrs G there's the postage stamps ready for when you've read it to pass onto Pam.  Hope you like the little extras! 

I've spent £3090 Gold coins ( all totally not real ) on a Christmas pack of jigsaws on my iPad!
Nearly finished the first Father Christmas one! 
There's another five packs! I've 7k left lol! 

Need to look out my Advent Counter Downer I got from Avon when the kids were little. It's so cute! It's a little pot chimney and fireplace that FC falls down a day at a time when you slide out the sticks. When I find it for 1st Dec I will show you! 
Even with my jigsaws I don't feel very Christmassy at all yet and there's a good reason. It's still NOvember!! The NO means NO Christmas stuff yet I reckon! But come December the first, the Christmas gloves are off!! Or on!!! 

I've not bought one present yet or even decided on what I'm buying for people.  My most disorganised year yet! But my children are grown ups now and it's nowhere near as fun or as easy as getting stuff when they were little! 

Due to the mild weather this Autumn, yesterday's cold snap was a shocker! No snow here and despite the beautiful blue sky sunny day, the temperature struggled to get above 3C. So the first fire of the season was lit.
Look at the mess on my clean hearth!! I also burnt a lot of wood which lifted a patch of carbon off the fire wall, but only in one bit! Odd. It was TWOT!! Too ( bloody ) hot!! 
Me and the HG strolled round to the church fair where I bought a snowman cake tin for a pound! Might make a gingerbread snowman cake later! Just to try it out! I declined a visit to see Fr Christmas ( £2 a go ) but I did buy some raffle tickets. They hold it in our school hall but because it's NOvember there's NO tree up yet. So it felt distinctly unchristmassy. 

Right I've some knitting to do and three loads of washing! I will also be scrubbing out and refilling all the feeders for my garden pets. I've bloody loads of different sized and styles of feeders. Trouble is the birds. They will not eat the expensive no mess seed I bought them. Bloody things. They can't be that hungry. Worry ye not, I also have kgs of black sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, Niger seed, suet blocks, suet balls, the much preferred favourite ( and more spendy ) suet nuggets of all flavours, Robin food and meal worms! My next buy is going to be a flutter butter holder and some bird peanut butter! Actually my bird count has been a bit sparse. I have no idea why. It has been milder of late, but my friend round the corner has FLOCKS of birds. What is wrong with what I'm offering??!! She uses the same makes and varieties of bird food as I. I still blame NDFC. Catch up soon X 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *going to have to get up and FF through this bloody awful programme* Radiostar xx 


  1. Loved the night before the inspection panic dream!

  2. LOL - glad it went OK after such a panic! It's cold here too, very cold, but no snow. It would be nice to have a bit, I think.

    J x

    1. I can totally hold off on the snow until I'm on holidays from work TYVM! But it was bitter outside this afternoon faffing about with all the feeders!

  3. NDFC every time will scare the birds away, you have been busy, I to feel it's the boring bit before the glitz and glamour of Christmas.

  4. Our primary's website was once hacked by Russian Porn. It took a while to get rid of it. Glad yours wasn't :o) I don't watch X factor so haven't seen Cheryl recently. Send her some packets of crisps (preferably mine then I won't keep eating them). I have done most of my crimble shopping (smug) but still have one or two bits left to get. I don't usually feel Christmassy till very close to the day. Hope the birdies turn up soon XXX

    1. When the birdies turn up there is a veritable feast awaiting them. You name it I've got it! I didn't see who, but someone has had a beak full of the new berry suet log in the new feeder! Must put some apples on the lawn for Mr n Mrs Blackbird too. I've seen them around.

  5. The jigsaw pictures are lovely. As well as Advent Calendars there's a distinct lack of Christmas jigsaws on the shelves in shops around here as well. Good job we've got the internet. I don't watch X factor but I saw Cheryl in the Daily Fail this morning. As my Nanna would say she looks like she could do with a rag pudding. Your bird woes have reminded me to get some feed to try and entice some to our garden. I'm afraid it's fat balls or nothing for them at Number 38 xx

    1. I've fat balls a plenty. I used to make them with the kids when they were little, what a mess we used to make! But great fun and satisfaction!

  6. I have not had many birds yet, not that I have seen, but the food is slowly going and I am topping up the water frequently. No real Christmas shopping to do, I have made most of the gifts, just a birthday card for Francesca and some wrapping paper for her pressies. I like to go a bit over the top for her birthday as so many peeps have only given her 1 present to cover b,day and C,mas over the years. She may well be all grown up but the memories still rankle. What a dream, but understandable, it is all about the pressure. I went to C of E primary, right next to the Church and remeber regular visits from the Vicar.

    1. I always feel sorry for Christmas birthdays. My friend at school was a New Year baby and she never used to get cards and presents because it'd just been Christmas!!

  7. Had to laugh at the porn/ worship powerpoint dream! The stress O****d can bring! :)

    ps: looking forward to getting the book - currently re-reading the Marie Kondo tidying one in the hope it might inspire me to get my @rse into gear before Xmas ! :)

    1. I've yet to read this mystical book, and actually not sure I want to - it might depress me!!

  8. NDFC? National Darts Federation of Canada? National Federation of Demolition Contractors? (must have those here, neighbours are extending and the digger was started up at ohbloodysixtwentyseven this morning!!!!) National Donor Family Council? National Development Finance Corporation (Karachi)?
    Hm, nothing works - I'm terrible at accronyms :-(

    Like the jigsaws, got the site too (thanks to one of your blogs) Haven't accumulated enough coins yet, just have to be patient. Not keen on the black background of the pieces storage field, find them difficult to see at times.

    Good luck with the birds, they will come!

    1. NDFC - Next Door's FECKING Cat! The birds were here this morning!


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