Sunday 1 November 2015

End of Half Term

Hi folks,
I'm already for Halloween seeing as I woke up looking like Alice Cooper. This is because I went out yesterday lunch time for my friend's birthday to the pub. The food was beautiful. I had

"Chicken Trinchado (GF on request)
Brought to South Africa by Portuguese settlers, a dish of diced chicken breast in a thick brandy & cream sauce with a healthy kick of spice, served with artisan bread"

It was absolutely delicious. It came with a hunk. Not an attractive man. A hunk of soft fresh bread and I had a side order of triple cooked chunky chips. This was washed down with two bottles of prosecco, between three of us, the other was on cinzano and lemonade! We do call ourselves 'the coven' and we cackled our way through lunch very raucously indeed! I never drink! I was quite entertaining I thought! There was much laughing at our own jokes! I had a baked Alaska for pudding! It was bloody delicious! One of those things I love but can never be arsed to make at home.

As it was a special day, we'd got dressed up and I wore make up. I never usually bother with it because, as this morning's Ailce Cooper reflection shows, I can never be bothered to rake it off again! I do mean rake as the polly filla has to applied thickly enough to cover the wrinkles!

So the laughter and the prosecco had me giddy enough, but when we left the pub and wandered down the road to our friend's house, the birthday girl opened her birthday gift of Toffee Vodka. This stuff is lethally moreish. It smells and tastes like heaven. I could imagine it on cakes in the icing, on ice cream, in chocolates. It was smooth, toffee caramel looney juice! There was only this much left between two of us!

One of us didn't like it and the other was driving so couldn't indulge!

Much more laughing was done and I'm afraid to report that yesterday, I was *that* drunken woman on the bus in the afternoon that we have all encountered at one point!! I staggered home at tea time. The house was in darkness. Miss 21 was at work, the HG had already phoned to say he'd been stuck on the M6 for an hour already and the boy, who never goes out, had. Gone. Out!! My keys were helpfully on the dining table. So yesterday, I was also *that* drunken person who leans on your garden walls!! Except it was my garden wall! I didn't have to wait long though for the boy to come home and let me in! I was in bed, fast asleep by 8.30pm! I rallied long enough to make the HG a bacon butty for his tea before dozing in front of the rugby!

I woke up at 2.30am, couldn't sleep so played candy crush on my phone for an hour til my eyes closed again and slept till 6.30am. It's been a glorious sunrise. I'm hungry. I look like an extra off

Fright Night


No hangover today!

I think we are popping back to Gretna and that garden centre but we are definitely NOT going for a brew in Thornton's!

I cannot believe that half term is done! I didn't do half the stuff I wanted to. It's INSET day on Monday, so no children in.

Before I go I want to show you my new favourite thing.

I've been sorting out some of my sewing bits and bobs.

My ribbon box

My button box

My sewing box

Is that a lipstick next to the needles?

Nope, it's empty, no lippy in there...

It twists up like a lipstick, but there's some metal inside..

Ooooo it's magnetic! 
And it twists back down..
I love my new needle storage! 

If you all knew what it was anyway, please bear with! I'm a bit behind when it comes to new fangled technology! ( you can see with how today's post looks! I have no idea how it's on a white background!! ) Just need to find all of my other needles to put in it!

Right am off to have some apple and blackberry pie and cream!

Lots of love from

Rachel *easily pleased* Radiostar xx


  1. Oh buttons, I have a thing about buttons, they are so interesting, don't you just want to poke your finger in and see what you have, oh does that make me sound weird. Oh well, glad you had fun, a lunch with friends is so uplifting.

    1. I agree with poking in buttons. It goes with stroking of fabric and squishing of wool! Wierdos of the world unite and take over!

  2. That's a healthy amount of toffee vodka between two ...but seeing that its not term time it must have been rude not to indulge! xx

    1. I think the copious glasses of prosecco helped the process!

  3. Your font has gone all funny on my screen- have the Halloween ghosts been messing? XX

    1. Think it be fixed now? I've NO idea what happened!

  4. I didn't know what the twisty thing was and I was very impressed. Not half as impressed as two of you making your way through nearly a full bottle of vodka though. Well done! Sounds like you had a great night. I love my nights out with my 2 friends. We are probably exactly like your group. Over excited at actually being out, lightweights when it comes to drinking, (but that doesn't stop us) and very loud and noisy. It's good to let your hair down once in a while. Sounds like you had fun. xx

  5. A jolly good time was had by all then. Love the sorting.
    PS Oh, it was YOU on the bus!!!! :)

    1. Oh it was YOU that kept turning round all disapproval lol xx

  6. What a great day you had - good for you. Love the boxes.

  7. Sounds like a grand day out, well done you for embracing the moment. Love your sewing storage, I keep my ribbons and buttons in glass jars, they used to hold coffee, and can waste/enjoy hours just looking at them and arranging the different colours. I envy you on the vodka consumption, just a few sips would have me flat on my back.

    1. When I get my sewing room ( When Miss 21 has, gulp, left home properly ) I shall have nice shelves and jars of buttons set out in a rainbow of shades!

  8. How did I miss this earlier?
    Love the tidy boxes, love the needle holder and would probably love the vodka too. :-)
    J x

    1. I think everyone should have at least one taste of toffee vodka in their lifetime!


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