Friday, 27 November 2015

Easy like Friday morning

Good morning sweet people of  Blogland, it's twirly and I've already had a coffee and get this...SOME  ( not 'a' ) rich tea biscuits...or Richard Tea biscuits as they are known in this house since that's what a two year old Miss 21 called them all those years ago. You will also find me eating Salad Cream biscuits rather than custard creams because that's what a diddy Mr 18 called em! The biscuits ( number undisclosed ) have been dunked and scoffed! Rock and blooming Roll people! I'm also watching Gogglebox and am sat sniggering away on my sofa.

An outburst this week in class has kept me smiling too! I'll be honest, it's been a bloody hard week geometry wise!

Teacher: right, get your Maths books out

Me: ( inwardly nodding thinks to self ) OH GOD PLEASE PLEASE NO MORE SHAPE 3D. 2D. NETS ANGLES OR PARALLEL LINES. MY brain can't take any more supporting children who don't get the concept of shape!!!

You'll be relieved to discover we moved onto the much more palatable conversion of metric to imperial and plotting it on a graph!

This week's haul from the supermarket was a bag of chopped onions 19p, 4 bags of stir fry veg at 24p each ( destined for veg and lentil soup and a chicken stir fry ), stock cubes were down to £1 and I stocked up ( groan ) on veg, chicken and beef and a large muscovado glazed British gammon down from
 a tenner to £3. In the freezer for Christmas. To be honest I'll probably wash the glaze off and cook it in cherry cola or ginger ale in the slow cooker as normal. If it had been not British I'd have left it in the shop. I never ever buy Danish or EU bacon. It has to be British. The other yippee prize was a top notch chunk of prime Scottish beef down from £20 to just as midge over half price! That too is now resting in the freezer ready for Christmas.

I've seen a recipe for a corned beef pie on  that I'm definitely going to try even though it uses the same ingredients I use in my corned beef repertoire! It's just slightly different!  My corned beef pie recipe on Tuesday is just a cottage pie but made with corned beef instead for a quick and easy store cupboard tea.

You probably have your own ways and recipes for this but just in case you have not tried it this way: 
Serves 3 really fat greedy pigs, 4 healthy appetites or stretches to 5 decent portions but add extra veg on the side!!
1 large onion chopped
2 medium carrots diced
1 tin corned beef diced this week mine was reduced salt ( on offer )
2 oxo cubes
Boiling Water
Cornflour/gravy granules
Frozen peas/petit pois
 Potatoes - peeled, boiled and mashed with plenty of butter and black pepper

Here's how I do it
 Fry onions and carrots until soft
Add corned beef
Crumble over the stock cubes ( just watch the salt content here - taste it with one first ) ( normal corned beef can be salty )
Add boiling water to cover
Stir and simmer until carrot is cooked through, lid on pan
Slake some cornflour or add some gravy granules just to thicken it then pour into you normal cottage pie dish
I always stir through some frozen peas this point.
Meanwhile boil n mash yer spuds as you do

Top the beef with the mash and bake in hot oven til potato is golden brown and crispy.
Serve with beans - tinned or green!

Cheap, cheerful, filling and tasty!
Or I would normally 'sling hash' as Pam would say, using any leftover hash to make pasties!

Knitting wise I've knit and pulled back the same three rows now thrice on the lacy matinee coat. It's back in its bag and I'm itching to start something new!

This is the second Christmas jigsaw I'm on with! 

Right time to get my wriggle into gear and have some breakfast ( despite the feasting on biscuits )  before going to work. Have a great Friday people X

Lots of love from
Rachel *please don't let it be shape* Radiostar xxx


  1. I know that it wont be long before my daughter brings home maths homework that is beyond me, she can already name shapes that I have to think twice about! I do like that you had a biscuit starter as part of your breakfast. When I was little Rich Tea biscuits were 'Mummy's biscuits' because they were her favourites and Digestive Biscuits were 'Daddy's biscuits' because they were his favourite, I think it was years before I knew their proper names. Thanks for the mention! x

    1. You are welcome! I'm quite happy to help with maths homework issues free of charge!

    2. Oh I fear you may regret that rash promise - maths homework fills me with dread. I had to work SO hard to pass my maths O level, it is the one aspect of homework (as a parent) that I dread, even simple adding up is done differently now. Obviously the answers are the same but the method is different to how I was taught! xx

    3. I failed my maths o level first time round. So I know what it is to 'not get it' so I try my hardest to explain it to them so that they 'do'!!

  2. Morning Rachel
    Yay for Corned Beef Pie. I always have a tin in the fridge ready to go when needed. One of my favourite recipes is Hash Jacket Potatoes.
    Put some potatoes in the oven to bake.
    Sautee an onion in some butter and when cooked add 1 teaspoon mustard and one teaspoon horseradish sauce.
    When potatoes are cooked cut them in half and scoop the middles out into a bowl. Add the onion mixture and mix thoroughly. Fold in some cubed corned beef. Check for seasoning and then pile roughly back into the skins. Place on a baking tray and bake in a hottish oven until brown and crispy on top.
    Serve with a green salad. Pickled beetroot is awesome with them.
    Have a great day-x-

    1. Hash jacket potatoes sound awesome and perfect for a squally Saturday tea! I bet they'd be fab with some grated cheese in too! Mmmmmm

  3. The first time I saw Corned Beef Pie in Wales I nearly choked laughing, it was labelled as Cutting Pie. I did try to ask the counter assistant how the devil I could eat it without cutting, it was 4" deep and about 18" across, but was laughing too much to get the words out. I often make a filling similar to yours and make it into a pie.

    1. Cutting pie LOL LOL
      How funny the names people come up with for things!

  4. Mmmm - I love rich tea biccies!
    The pie sounds pretty yum too!
    Was it shape?
    J x

    1. Thankfully shape had been put to bed for a few weeks!! Richard Tea fingers are yummy too!! I likes em in tiffin !

  5. Haha I wouldn't want it be shape either I wouldn't have a clue, your posts always make me smile, I do like the sound of your cottage corned beef pie it sounds really yummy I must try it out on my family when they come visiting this evening. Have a great weekend. :) x

    1. Hi Linda! I think you are my 90th follower!! Not there's a prize or owt!! I'd love to hear if your cottage pie is a success!

  6. Those biscuit names are so sweet. We have vegebles in our house not vegetables from when one of mine was little. Can't remember which one though. I'd much prefer conversion too in maths. When we went to Thomas' parents evening I was really gobsmacked at what they teach and he's in Year 5. I'm sure we didn't do some of it until secondary school. Just out of interest would you say lessons have got harder as the years have gone on? xx

    1. Aww vegebales! We used to have busgetti instead of spaghetti !!

    2. I think what the children have to do nowadays is FAR FAR more than we had to at their age. It's ridiculous the amount of content we have to get through!


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