Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Easy like Monday morning.

Well Monday arrived and as I'd failed in my quest lotterywise to be a millionairess, I decided it was probably best if I go to work! 
I didn't have my usual shower. No, I went mad and despite starting at 8am ( or just after as it turned out ) I had myself a bubble bath! 
I don't know when Google Images sneaked in and took this photo of me! Or this one
How outrageous!! 

It was lovely! I set my alarm and had myself 24 minutes. A bit of easy luxury meant I ( eventually ) got to work smelling gorgeous and feeling relaxed! I thoroughly recommend it! I was only a few minutes late due to faffing around with laundry! But as I work ten minutes for free everyday I decided not to fret over it! 
As a result, I think, of my bath, I was less stressed at work and it was a good day! 
( I may do this every Monday. Today I'll be having a shower. )

The ones who make me laugh, made me laugh. Yesterday's biggest giggle came from a piece of work about being peaceful. The children had written on olive branches ways of getting along, forging and maintaining good friendships. As I was cutting them out for display I noticed the one that declared 

" Quit being a jerk."

It just made me chuckle. Technically correct, just slightly inappropriate language!! I've left it there on the wall for all to learn from. Sometimes when dealing with these cherubs when they are being troublesome I want to yell at them 
To quit being jerks ( and other stuff, slightly more sweary ) but of course I don't!! Imagine the parental lynchmob! 

I have happier news to report! Also I think a slight mystery solved. Just as it came light and I was stood faffing with laundry I was watching one of my heavily food laden bird feeders, I saw a coal tit and a blue tit. Only one of each, but a start I reckoned. I could also hear someone rather indignantly shouting his beak off. I shifted slightly in my stance and there, right in the middle of his suet filled kingdom was a fluffed up, most indignant, ferocious fat Mr Robin! He was shooing away the little group ( I could see more ) of assorted tits! He rather begrudgingly allowed a coal tit to grab a black sunflower seed - something that he doesn't even eat- and fly off to the safety of the other fence! Indeed I saw Mr RobinRedbreast  blatantly IGNORE his own specially designed Robin feeder filled with specifically bought Robin food to gorge himself on the suet nuggets! 
Now I know robins are famous for being territorial with other robins, often fighting to the death, but not with other birdies. So I cannot put all the blame on NDFC after all!! 
I'll keep an eye out to see if my family of sparrows come calling. I'd love a chaffinch or two. I love chaffinches. 

Tea was leftover chicken curry for me and the menfolks had fishfingers and actifry chips and peas! I always like easy teas on a Monday. I only had leftover curry because Miss 21 is in Newcastle with the beau for a few days. She came in from work on Sunday and then went straight out without her tea! So I had it ! Day old curry is always nicer than on the day. Because she knows how I love them and because she is a darling, she sent me some photos of Fenwick's Windows! The theme wasn't clear but she tells me it's 'When Santa got stuck up the chimney'
Not so clear but here you go, if you can zoom in you can see the exquisite details. 

It's amazing the crowds these windows gather - a quick look on Google shows last year's crowds infront of last year's Alice theme ( that we saw ) 

Look at all the people!! 
I wish I'd seen this one for real 
Gulliver! Just wow! 

I wonder what they do with all the stuff once it's done with? 
Ah well, it's time to go get my wriggle into gear for work and make sure Mr 18 is up! He's loving his job. I just thought he's half a Centuary to go, I wonder if he'll still love going to work then! 
I cannot wait to retire!! I do love my job but I do love my time when its all mine to do with as I wish! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *rambled on a bit there* Radiostar xx 


  1. Good morning oh rambly one, the birds are finally appearing in Compromise garden, yesterday I was mesmerized by a little Jenny Wren going about her business. I haven't had a bath in eons, never seem to have the time.

    1. You stinky bugger!! You should make the time! 24 minutes of bath is worth it!

  2. Love your blog........so glad I came across it.

  3. You are welcome to some of our birds, they are eating everything we put out far too quickly for the budget

    1. Direct them my way, I've 50kg of black sunflower seed to get through!

  4. Oh the decadence, I should indulge in a bath or two during my time off xx

    1. Oh most definitely. Pamper yourself! You deserve it :-)

  5. Hi! Lovely, lovely photos. These big shops really do go to town at this time of year, don't they? I shall never forget one year (decades ago) when me and my then other half went up to look at the lights and so on and Harrods (I'm pretty sure it was Harrods) had a most wonderful set of displays all based around Dickens books. It was brilliant. Not long after that it was all destroyed in an IRA bomb (which shows how very long ago it was).

    J x

    1. Aw what a sad end to that comment. Bloody terrorists.

  6. love the Fenwick's photos. Thank you for sharing.

    A bath early in the morning is one of those decadent treats isn't it? I always feel that when I treat myself to a bath in the middle of the day. But that's more to do with if I try to have one in the evening Violet always wants to jump in too. Not great when I want to shave my legs! (glamour!)

    1. Give V a few more months and you'll be able to bathe alone! Sounds strange but enjoy every bath invasion you can, or midnight bed creep. You'll miss it desperately. I do.

  7. The window displays are really good. Gulliver is my favourite. Which reminds me, how are yours coming on at school? I'd be hopeless if I had a bath in the morning. All I'd want to do is put fresh jim-jams on and mooch around the house. There's no way I'd be able to get dressed and go to work. Glad you enjoyed it though and if it helps you get through a Monday then you should definitely make it a habit. xx

    1. I'm now convinced I did see that window but because of the busy street I wouldn't have been able to see it in its full glory! I'm going to have to google the year.. Hang on.... No, it was 2006
      But look
      I saw 2012, 2013 and 2014 !

  8. I like the scandalous pictures Google Images took of you... especially the one where you morphed into a hippopotamus!
    "Quit being a jerk" is definitely a good way to keep the peace and make good friends. Sometimes little kids just say it like it is.
    I think "The day Santa got stuck up the chimney" is a very weird theme for a window display! We have one like that here, at Macy's. They used to do fairy tales every year, but this year they did one about Santa delivering presents to aliens on other planets, and it was pretty cool!


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