Saturday 5 July 2014

I'm gonna.....

What are you 'gonna' do?

So far I have tackled the European Laundry Mountain that had taken over my bedroom. I can see strange blue stuff on the floor. I think it's carpet! Kitchen almost done. I've paper work to sort and my fingers are getting itchy for a new knit. I've left it alone for a while. But a friend has a baby girl so I might start a little cardigan or even try a wee summer dress!  I'm gonna cast on later.

Firstly, I've to decide whether I'm keeping the 64 different sized Jiffy bags and padded envelopes I'm accrueing. I save them for when I sell things on eBay. I've yet to sell a single thing on eBay. I've yet to put a single thing on eBay. My dilemma is, the minute I dispose of these bags, I'll get the selling bug and will sell things on eBay! I'll just stash them awhile longer!  I think I'm a classic hoarder - keeping things, just in case!  But I'm gonna get at least one pile of paperwork sorted out.

It's a lovely sunny day again, after a downpour yesterday, so the back grass is approx 6ft tall. I don't have front grass, but my Nanna did and we were only allowed to play on the back grass when we went round. She also had the back kitchen. Again no front kitchen, just a back one.  She had a pantry too. I want a pantry. I'm digressing. I'm gonna do a bit of gardening.

For the staffroom I made another batch of the ice cream cornet cakes, BUT, I mixed some freshly whipped double cream into my buttercream and added a few drops of raspberry essence. It tasted quite ice creamy! But I did have a few disasters. I should have said on my last blog that once decorated, these cakes are very top heavy. As I'd used fresh cream I needed to keep them in the fridge. Utter carnage as I tried to get them in the fridge. One by one they toppled over. Onto the floor, down my front, into the fridge, onto the tray. The air was blue. Everything else was white, creamy and covered in sprinkles. I was not smiley. I had to clean it all up and start again!  I'm not gonna bake those cakes for a while!

The staff were appreciative! I also took in some toffee chocolate muffins and some ninja bread men. I need to work on my icing of these! They tasted nice though! 
I'm gonna make something good later on.

Things I've also done this week are plan out and help create the backdrop for the school production of Joseph. I'm not the world's greatest artist at all and I'm certainly not the tidiest. I was covered in orange paint, looking like if had a really bad spray tan. Now. I'm thinking of that Friends episode where Ross gets tanned!

There are only nine more workdays left for the Summer. I'm gonna start looking at booking something for August in Scotland I think this year. My ancient 'do we have to come with you' children might stick me in a Shady Pines type establishment if I choose my favourite Wales again!

Anyway, I suppose I'd best get started on my list of 'gonnas'

Love from
Rachel ' gonna publish this now'  Radiostar xx


  1. I've not sold anything on ebay yet, but want to. I have sold things through facebook though and I need to do some more soon. Ninga bread men look very tasty. We no longer have grass but we do still have boarders that were very thirsty up until Friday when they had a good watering from the sky and now the weeds will come. There are lots of nice places in Scotland. As kids in 1976 (heat wave) our parents took us camping, for three weeks, touring Scotland. We had the best time and still talk about it and we all took away different memories.

  2. I have a list of gonna do ...

    But you know what I just did one of them and read this xxx


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