Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Nailed it.

The other Saturday, a group of my twitter chums decided to embark on a teddy bear pancake off! The chums involved were the crime de la crime [sic] of my twitter list! Step forward and take a bow my TBF ( Twitter Best Friend ), officially the happiest girl in the world @Clareyh, @CazzPink, a self confessed slovenly housewife - a girl after my own heart. Last but by no means least, a group favourite , the menopausal nutter who goes by the name @minniemoo. For a few weeks now, we have been cackling over the tinternet's finest 'Nailed Its'.

Now if you go to Mr Google ( other search engines are available allegedly ) and type in Nailed It, or cake fail type words, you will be hit with a genuinely hilarious set of pictures and videos. I'll try and give you a few examples of our particular favourites.

Etc ... I'm having to stop now because I'm getting distracted and I'm laughing too much to type properly!! They are not all recipe related either! 
For example this lady is making me reach for Clarey's famous Tenas!!

Anyway we all watched this >>>>  Very funny video ( I see it in draft but not when published ) 

So naturally,  I suggested we all have a pancake off! Minniemoo went first and set the bar VERY 

We were impressed ! 

 There was rooting in cupboards ( me n CazzPink ). I have only ever used one of these once before!

Seriously illicit panic ordering from Amazon ( Clarey ) . We were ON! I went next. Pancake batter was BBC American style mix.

I heated my frying pan, I tried to video and create at the same time - wobbly.>> MY ( one and only ) VIDEO ON YOU TUBE!!

So I took my photos, loaded up my bottles of choice
and away I went. It looked simple on the video! My first one looked a bit nothing like a
teddy, it was a 'if you squint you can make out some faint eyes and a mouth one' but as I pointed out, 
the first pancakes you make generally are a bit shit! 

Second  and third were a tad more bearish,
but then I got far too into it. I was concentrating so hard ( picture the scene, slightly deranged short fat lady in apron, leaning over stove stop, tongue out, brows furrowed, beads of sweat on said brows, holding my breath, incredibly tense Masterchef final type tension in the kitchen )  I squeezed the frigging bottle too hard and the lid popped off and pancake batter exploded into the pan. I
may have said swearings. I snapshotted the scene, the bottle was burning and I created a phantom of the opera pancake bear.
My friends were incredibly* supportive.
*laughed and RTd my distress. Hmmmm. Bear number four resembled a bear most of all but he was made with the remnants of the batter and the pan was an bit too hot so he was very tanned and a bit lean. 

CazzPink went next, hers were amazing! She shared her photos on twitter. We all tweeted 'encouraging' tweets!!  

Then Miss Perfectionist Clarey came along and totally Nailed it! She toiled in sub tropical temperatures over her Aga in the Winnie the Pooh cottage she abides in, purely for our entertainment!

She then went a bit off task!
She says it's a rocket and two cupcakes !
Funny how my dear old twitter friend Nigel never responded! I think he was probably backing away very slowly at this point! 

Admittedly, this post is a kind of 'you had to be there' kind of tale. But I for one had a really good time, a much needed laugh and a stack of pancakes covered in maple syrup to eat! Win! 
Clarey even suggested my readers vote the winner swing as Nigel didn't!! 
 I don't want to make pancakes for a long long time!! 
Have you got any Nailed Its? 


  1. I won? Oh my...*rummages for hastily prepared acceptance speech* ...oh...is there a prize?
    Better not be ANYTHING teddy shaped....

  2. Laughed so hard at this have burnt the lunch. Off to look up some more 'nailed it' stuff, thanks.

  3. I popped over to you from Hazzy's Dog Poo, so to speak, and I have been crying with laughter looking at your bears (so much so that my eyes started stinging and I had to wash them). Excellent! I have followed and expect more crying next time (no pressure). :-)

  4. That was wonderful. Loved all the funny bear shapes and the funny "pencil" too


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