Sunday, 27 July 2014

So far...

So far today I have
Put off ironing for three hours mainly by....

Having tea and toast with some gorgeous rhubarb and strawberry jam made by my new neighbours ( I met her mum yesterday - oh my stars, what a character! )
Feeling proud of myself for writing a guest post for someone eh less blog all about biscuits
Cleaning the kitchen
Setting the dishwasher off
Thinking about baking something good
Watching Eng v Scot bowling on Commenwealth Games
Seeing the daughter off to work ( poor studens! )
Doing some recycling ( that's actually my son's job - I am soo soft on that lad! )
Thinking about casting on for some knitting as I've not touched it in months
Reading and catching up with loads of blogs ( that's taken me a lovely hour and half or so )
Pottering about
Using all my lives on Candy Crush Saga ( level 432 - a great achievement I may add to my CV LOL )
Checking Facebook for interesting stories
Refreshing my Twitter TL
EEEEEEVEN cobbling this paltry blog post together!

But, the time has come and I cannot put it off any longer! The ironing needs to be done!
I am an expert at this procrastination art.

What do you put off today that can be done tomorrow?

Love from
Rachel *lazy bones * Radiostar xx


  1. House work. In all its forms. I put that off until the carpet's disappeared beneath leaves/ dog footprints/ other assorted bits of garden and it's a pleasant surprise to see it again when it finally re-emerges :-)

  2. I commiserate with you!!! I hate ironing !!! I can't say anything good about it!!! I am waiting for a automatic ironing gadget to be invented. I am prepared to get a loan out to pay for it!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  3. It's my husbands and Mums birthday today so everything is being put off to go out and celebrate!

  4. What have I put off today?.....mmmm let me see now...getting up early, washing bear, shopping for fat man clothes and opening the last three days mail.....what did I do instead? Well obviously laid in awhile (well on nights last night), walked bear in warm summer's rain, bought some yellow rattle for plot 2a on eBay and wrote a proper letter on paper with ink to a dear friend..... And by the way bear means Bramble ;)

  5. I would rather do anything but housework


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