Monday 23 June 2014

Sweet Sunshine

Hello folks who pop by here to catch up,

Saturday saw us in Manchester looking round the Uni for my second born. He wants to be an accountant so we were in the MBS for most of the morning. For those of you ( like I was ) not in the know, MBS stands for Manchester School of Business. The talks were enlightening and the students who showed us round were marvellous. The afternoon was ours so shopping in the  (grotty) city centre was on the agenda. It was PACKED. Didn't buy much at all, but we had a jolly good look! It was just so filthy.  It's been a few years since we ventured there. Even though the Uni is a good one, I was secretly pleased to hear it's way down on the list now. Tomorrow ( Tues ) is Aston Uni in Birmingham and we have Nottingham and Sheffield booked too. But the boy really wants the London School of Finance. Eep, I can't let my baby live there can I???  He is also going to be applying for apprenticeships to start the long years of training as a school leaver.

Yesterday was very hot and sunny, so me and my bum got firmly acquainted with my garden chair. I cut all my nails off. They were too long and I couldn't do much with them. Picking my nose was awesome though!!
They don't look as long here! I've my favourite colour changing nail varnish on. They go black when I'm cold! Pink when I'm hot! I treated myself to a UV light box last year and the gel nails last so long. But I've had them on for weeks now and it's not great for your nails so  I have chopped em all back and am going au naturel for a while.

 Related problems are, I can't pick my nose or have a right good scratch at the moment!!

I also spent much time tweeting .... and I had contact again with my obviously close personal friend Mr Nigel Slater! I do go all ' I carried a water melon' when he tweets me back mind!!! I just big pink fluffy heart wuv him!

I took a few shots of the birds who frequent my garden. This year, I have no goldfinches :-( but I have some really cheeky sparrows and some doves and some pigeons. I have one couple, affectionately named by me , Jack and Vera - it's a Corrie reference- who come to clear up after the messy sparrows.

Here is my ' Northern Chicken in a basket' !

Four more weeks of school left til we break up. It's going to be long and arduous. Super busy. If you hear a cat being strangled today don't worry - it's just me singing my way through Joseph and his technicolour dream coat for the end of term production. Oh and weather wise - it's going to chuck it down on Thursday. How do I know this? Simplez, it's Sport's Day!!

Right, best get my wriggle into gear...

Love from
Rachel * on the Summer countdown * Radiostar xx

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