Wednesday 18 June 2014

20 years ago today

It is my first born's birthday and I thought it would be fun ( the Earthquake one is NOT fun but very very sad ) to see what was occurring twenty years ago today as I painfully laboured on for 24hours before an emergency C Section.

So here are twenty facts, in no particular order. Some happened on the day itself, some are more general.

  1. Friday, June 17, 2014.  Twenty years ago today, an earthquake struck in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.  It killed 57 people and injured nearly 9000.  

2. 95 million people watched the low speed chase of OJ Simpson and the infamous White Bronco through Southern California. The beginning of the modern TV reality genre happened right before our eyes. Plus figuring in the day in sports this was. The New York Rangers had won the Stanley Cup, the World Cup in the US had just started, the US Open golf tournament with Arnold Palmer just had started and the NBA Finals game 5 was on. ALONG with the OJ chase. If the internet would have been around then, it would have crashed. Possibly forever.

 3. The US president was Bill Clinto, John Major was the UK Prime Minister

4. Seal, with his self titled Seal album was number one in the UK album charts

5. Wet Wet Wet's Love is all around was firmly at number one in the UK charts

6.  A pint of milk cost 36p

7. A First Class stamp would set you back a mere 25p, second class 19p. I think in those days we used to have a second post too. 

8. According to a tricksy little website I found £100 in 1994 is worth just £173 now

9. Petrol was around 50p per litre

10. 1994 Nobel Peace Prize won by Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin

11. Top selling film was The Lion King

12. Forrest Gump won best film at the Oscars

13. The Chunnel opens for first time

14. The World Cup is held in the USA

15. 1994 is the Chinese year of the dog

16. Nelson Mandela is made President of South Africa

17. Kurtz Cobain died

18. Justin Beiber was born
( I'm just laughing at the site I found those - it was called the worst year ever! )

19. June 17th is also the birthday of Barry Manilow, Jason Patric and Venus Williams

20. I swear by All 4 one was number one in the states on June 17th 1994.

What a great day! I made my first ever carrot cake for her requested birthday cake. I made the Hairy Bikers' Dieters' one from book one. It was simple to make. Not very deep though and I suspect after I gave it a layer and a topping of full fat cream cheese icing, not very diety! Really light and juicily moist it was!

 It's my birthday next Wednesday, I'll be erm 28! I do have a poster somewhere that was given to me by an aunt on my 18th, published by Bisto, all about the day I was born. Maybe I'll dig it out and we can all see what life was like in Britain back int black n white days!!

For now though it's time to sleeeeeeep

Rachel *owner of a 20 year old but doesn't look it* Radiostar xx


  1. Just wondering how many times, 'laboured on for a painful 24hrs before an emergency C section' has left your lips over the past twenty years!
    Jane x

  2. Hope your daughter had a fab birthday. Cake looks delicious.


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