Thursday 26 June 2014

Quite the marvellous day

Soooo. I *may* have heavily hinted about my birthday yesterday!

 It was a top banana day all round!

Loads of Facebook and Twitsville messages left me feeling thoroughly adored. First wonderful moment was arriving at work to discover the Head had given us TAs an afternoon off in recognition of all our hard work lately. Unprecedented joy !  Plus it's the teacher I work with's birthday the day before mine, as it's tradition, the birthday person provides the staffroom goodies - we had scones with clotted cream, jam and strawberries. YUM. I will be baking and blogging my staffroom birthday goodies later tonight.

I saw my sister midday and got a darling little pair of silver earrings, but no Harry hugs as he was at Nursery. Something she was glad of as she reported he'd been an absolute awkward little so en so in the morning, objecting to everything. Of course, I don't believe her! He's too angelic! Then I was only at work work for the morning as I was on a course in the afternoon, so I was able to have a good old chin wag and catch up with my friend who I work with but never see properly on the way to Burnley. We got lost! The Whispering Sat Nav lady ( we didn't know how to increase the volume ) took us on a most scenic route through Townley Park. When we arrived, there was delicious coffee and biscuits on offer. The course was a tad 'we know all this actually' but it's always good to consolidate practise and network with other practitioners.

The best thing about Birthdays is presents right?!

Gifts from chums at work were some Great British Bake off utensils and cake tins and some sweet little tartlet tins with removable bottoms! I also got, the entire box set of the Flowers in the Attic books!!! I am SOOOO excited about this! I also got a plastic bag holder with pictures of Barry on it from Kath Kidson. No, she didn't give me a present. I don't know the lady. But I have a friend who shops there! A chocolate orange - I can eat seven segments before feeling sick! I am quite proud of that. I got lots of flat paper presents in my cards - which I have no idea what to use them for yet. Perfume and Gorjuss things off my two offspring. The HG's present will be revealed shortly - alas they did not arrive in time. I also got a cute little cloth owl door stopper. But it's too cute to be on the floor!

To top off my day, I got this>>>>

Isn't he just brilliant!!

So what was your best birthday present, not ever, but last birthday?

Love from Rachel *adored* Radiostar xx


  1. Sorry I missed your birthday, Rachel. Happy belated birthday wishes. Sounds like you had a lovely day. It was mine last Saturday (21st) and I also had some lovely gifts, cards and wishes. DH made me a carrot cake and DD2 treated me for coffee and bought me a couple of gorgeous dresses as I've so little to wear since I've lost weight. What a surprise your head teacher giving all the TAs time off. Such a difference from the way they've been treated at DH's college where they're all having to reapply for their jobs and justify why they should be re-employed.

  2. Carol has left a new comment on your post "Quite the marvellous day":

    A belated Happy Birthday to you. Sound like you had a great day with lots and lots of pressies. It was mine yesterday. I didn't get lots of pressies but lots of birthday wishes. How ever I did get present of our daughter and my hubby. The new camera that they got me is fab. It has all these different gadgets to create different effects and it's even got wifi. L loves it too and wants one now. That's Christmas sorted for her.

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  3. So sorry Carol, early morning fingers pushed delete instead of publish! Thank goodness for email notifications!!

    1. It's ok. I sometimes have sausage fingers that causes some terrible spellings.


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