Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ssssshhhhh, tell absolutely no one !

Look what I've been busy buying today....

Isn't he wonderful? He's for school. For now he's called Barry. The children know nothing of him yet. I cannot wait to introduce them! I'm thinking Barrycam - a bird's eye view of the children! Barry's blog. What else can we do with Barry? He'll be good for bereavement - who can forget Lynford? << my most tear jerking post to date....A very very poignant post. Read it.  I may need to dig out the resources in readiness.
Anyhoo, what is new with you lot? X

Rachel Ornithologist Radiostar xx

Almost forgot, I knit this darling little hat to match the little cardigan I made.
I used the cable method to cast on. A new one to me, and man is it fiddly to do, but it lies beautifully flat and neat! I may use it for other things!


  1. "Who's a pretty boy,then?"
    After reading about Lynford,I've come to the conclusion that children should conduct funeral services.
    Jane x

    1. Hi Jane, We've had several funeral services at the bottom of the garden for L's pets. 1 rabbit, 2 Siberian hamsters, 1 regular hamster and several goldfish.

  2. Isn't Barry a cutie pie? We had budgies when I was a child, but I haven't seen one in a home for years. I suppose they're not so popular as pets these days. I'm sure the children at school will love him. The little hat is lovely. I must look up details of the cable cast on, I don't think I've ever used it. I have enough trouble using the tumb method when it's required for a pattern.

  3. Does he speak good ol Anglo saxon?

  4. Used to have a budgie as a child.
    Think this one deserves his own blog

  5. Barry is very handsome. The hat is lovely and the baby will look so cute in matching hat and cardi. I've always used the cable cast on because that is the way I was taught (mum always said the it gave a neater edge). I use a size bigger needle to cast on (because I'm tight) and it gives a better stretch to the ribbing,


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