Saturday, 8 March 2014

A busy Saturday

Up with the larks as is typical on a weekend when I've nowt to get up for! I had some chicken to marinate but 😱 I had no natural yogurt in. So off I popped to the co and bought some natural yogurt which cost £6.17. Yogurt is very expensive these days! Ok, I got some loo rolls on offer, some sour sweeties for the HG and some reduced potato cakes!

Once home I started to bake. I have been very at one with my kitchen. I made spelt bread. I made cake pops. I made fairy buns. I made baguettes. I made chicken tikka bites. I made onion Bahjis. I made a mess! My kitchen looked like a bomb went off. I was supposed to make flapjacks, but I couldn't be bothered once I'd cleaned up for the nth time! Might get the boy to make some tomorrow.

Look away Vivian xxx

They look like a couple of house bricks - I'll let you know if they tasted alright - the recipe says to eat the next day! I've had to lock them away in the safe! I altered the recipe a bit, because spelt flour is omg expensive, so I substituted some whole meal. It's jolly good for you! 
Saw this on the internet and it made me laugh! 

What've you laughed at lately? 

Rachel Done Baking Radiostar xx 


  1. I've heard of cake pops and seen pictures. Are they just what I think they are, cake squished into balls, decorated and stuck on sticks? I guess they must be nice to eat because they seem to be popular right now, but I'm not sure about squished up cake, doesn't it go solid when compressed? My DD is thinking of having them for her wedding so I'd be interested to know.

  2. Hi again,
    I love the look of your baking...and will be interested to hear about the loaves, especially the texture. I know what you mean about not bothering to cook the last thing on a long list - the clearing up is very offputting! I'm wondering also if you have any idea where Frugalmummy has gone; can't find her anywhere this week.

  3. I can smell your baking from here!
    I'm so glad you survived World Book Day. Ah yes I remember them well. :)
    Love from Mum


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