Thursday, 6 March 2014

Sodding World Book Day

Now then folks, you know me, not one to shy away from ever dressing up. However, WBD pisses me off. I've dressed up in the past but not today. I'm going to *be there* for the children who have a combination of lazy can't be arsed parents plus they don't actually read any books so they don't know who the characters are. At our place I can guarantee there will be a handful of really creative true characters  and absolutely shitloads of footballers and Disney princesses. I'm a bit bah humbug about today.

Not much has been happening lately. Lamb hotpot in the slow cooker yesterday was amazing. I'll b back to report the days events later. What gave you dressed your little ones as? The first year it happened at my school, I sat up for hours and hours sewing and making and the Uni one went as Hedwig from Harry Potter. Feathers, beak, claws, the lot!

Rachel *not dressing up today * Radiostar xx


  1. My Grandson went dressed as The Mad Hatter, I spent quite a bit of my weekend away altering things to fit. It started when I found a small top hat in my local CS last year. He loves to dress up and started reading a while ago, he will be 4 in May.

  2. Bah humbug..... makes me almost smile knowing there's another grouch in the world.... I did say almost..


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