Friday, 7 March 2014

I survived WBD!

Well, WBD was actually quite fun, despite it being a wet play kinda day. The home made costumes were outstanding. The Cat in the hat and the mad hatter won in my class and they were well created and were real book characters. We had lots of children in bought Disney costumes and I bet the closest they'd been to their character, was on a tv screen. WBD brought me a first. I have never read The Gruffalo. I'm not sure if it was written after my two grew too old for it, or our groaning bookshelves just couldn't take any more!
I fell in love with the Gruffalo and that tricksy little mouse yesterday. Head. Over. Heels. We read the story, made puppets and then watched a DVD which followed the illustrations and story faithfully! A good day :-)

So now it's Friday. Hooray! This year is tramping by at an alarming rate. I think I must officially be old, because my little sisters turned 40 and 38 this week. And my beloved Nanna told me that the years fly by when you are old! Indeed, the blooming hairs I'm growing on my chinny chin chin are even grey. Why do I have them? How do they grow overnight? A few more years and I'll be the proud owner of a five o clock shadow. Albeit a grey one!
My plans for the weekend are basically revolving around the rugby. I've housewifery stuff to do. Sorting out and the stuff I didn't do last weekend to catch up with!
Come on Wales!! I hope we beat the men in white!

Best get my wriggle into gear and get ready for work. I only work in class til 12 on aFriday! Then I have a few hours to do as I wish until it's time for Owls. Today I have an appointment with an insurance bloke and I hope he's on time so I can go and cuddle my friends new born baby for a while. I plan on sitting and knitting watching quality TV until the Insurance man arrives! A lovely day ahead :-)

What are you doing?

Rachel *COME ON WALES* Radiostar xxx

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