Wednesday 1 May 2013

Morning Folks :-)

Light mornings
Light nights
Makes me happy!

Now our part of the world seems like it's finally on about Gas Mark 4 we've taken to strolling of an evening. How verrry verrry civilised of us!

I'm lucky to live close to a canal, a River and the coast. I admit the night before last night's stroll was to get milk, but we extended the route. I've an app thingy on my phone that plots and measures the route. But the GPRS signal is so low that according to it it took us 33 minutes to walk 500m!!! Now I know I am not quite Linford Christie but I'm pretty sure I can do better than that! 5 of those minutes were spent in the queue at the shop mind!
So I'm going to find my pedometer thingy that I got when they were 'all the rage ' and try to figure it out. Measuring stride length I think was one instruction! Mine won't be very big as I've only got little legs!
Last night, we took child #2 to Karate ( he informed us he signed up to be part of the international Youth Games! ) we took the the coast. I took a few dodgy pics, but I'll share anyway! Note the grass one!!

In other news Harry has started Pre School. Lisa wrote a great FB status about it. Im pretty sure she'll blog it up soon. I did get all teary when I read it! He has the world's cutest voice. When I say
"Hello Harry!"
"Hello Aunty Raychull!" Is his delightful response! I must record it for you!

So what is the light bringing to your world?


  1. You live by a canal, river AND sea? You're just showing off! We are surrounded by lakes but I can't even remember what the sea looks like.
    Jane x

  2. Wow Rachel you live in a beautiful place. I would love to live close to the coast, I live in an inland city. Fantabulous news about Harry.


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