Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Bilateral Retinoblastoma - please read x

This week I dedicate my blog post to a deadly Childhood Cancer that I have sadly first hand knowledge of.

Regular readers will know about Harry. 

My precious youngest nephew who was born with cancer already growing dangerously in his eyes. Diagnosed at just 13 weeks old after concerns raised at his 8week check has meant he has spent the first two years of his life in and out of hospital. 

This Facebook status by his mum, after his fifteenth/ sixteenth ?  EUA ( Examination Under Anaesthetic )my brave sister Lisa had me breaking down for him (again). 
Unfortunately, it was not the news we wanted to hear. 

So, please everyone cross your fingers for a positive outcome. 

Also this week is the National RB awareness week. I know lots of more 'usual' cancers have weeks such as these, but RB is so rare and unheard of, not just by Joe Bloggs and his wife; but by many medical professionals. 

The work done by CHECT and the fabulous Katy Bishop across all the media platforms is making a positive impact. Please click the link ( or copy n paste it into your URL ) and read and then share. 

It just might save a child's eyes and their life. 
Thank You xx 


  1. Prayers for Harry. We seem to be quite aware of this in Canada.
    Jane x

  2. that is so sad, my heart bleeds for families like this. I hope she gets the result she is hoping for.

  3. My fingers are well and truly crossed for Harry and my thoughts and very best wishes go out to him and his family. What a beautiful little boy and I truly hope for a positive outcome.

  4. Sadly, this is not the first I have heard of this cancer. Happily, my first occasion to hear of it, a young friend from church, is now a happy and healthy teenager, having been diagnosed when he was two. Incidentally, I was also treated for a different, but also uncommon, variety of eye cancer: ocular melanoma. Also doing fine, and I will pray for Harry and his family.

  5. Sending lots of thoughts and wishes in Harry and family's direction. Hoping it's just how his eye looks and nothing more. x

  6. :-( Lots of love to all of you Rachel. xxxx

  7. I am crossing everything for Harry too - a very close friend of mine's little boy was diagnosed with bilateral RB very early as well, and struggled for the first years of his life too. He is now a happy, beautiful little boy of coming up to six. I very much hope that this same happens to Harry. Very much love xx (http://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2012-05-25/essex-boy-hailed-a-miracle/)

  8. Hope you all have some positive news soon. xxx

  9. So sad!!! Absolutely crossing everything for this gorgeous little lad.
    Do hope you've had some positive news

    Amanda xx


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