Tuesday 7 May 2013

New Love - *spud - I - like* ( sic )

Yet more gifts have I been lucky enough to receive from my lovely HG. 
A shiny new beast. A food processor with a trillion ( dishwasher safe ) gadgets. Now, tis true there is nought wrong with the trusty moulinex living in my cupboard.  That is now destined for my firstborn, so she too can chop, shred and slice to her heart's content! 
( here are some potatoes I sliced earlier )

I had some leftover beef casserole in the freezer, so tonight it's gone into a shallow  dish and three thin layers of above sliced potatoes, lovingly adorned with melted butter and salt and pepper and popped it in to bake. 
 I had loads of potatoes left as I got a tad carried away! So homemade crisps - lets give them a whirl! 
Spread on a tray, brush with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper - RESULT! 
My self imposed crisp cold turkey stood at ten weeks and two days..... Till now! 
I only had the one though! 
The only problem I have now is I've run out of potatoes :-( 
Feel free to comment using spud based puns! 


  1. mmmm I miss crisps :-(, was it your Birthday?

  2. Ten weeks! That'll be a 'record' to beat King Edwards I bet! (Jersey what I did there?)


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