Monday, 28 January 2013

It's been a long time!

Well hello to anyone still reading my blog!

January is a long, hateful month for me. I do not like the dark mornings and dark nights when I and my beloveds have to venture outside in it. I love the dark evenings; when we are all fed and warm and snug together. I especially hate sending them off into a cold dark morning with the elements being thrown at them from all directions. It's also a long time till pay day. It's a long time since the festive deliciousness.  BUT it's a fabulous month because Harry was born in it! Indeed, I have blogged about his birth a lot.

As regular readers will know, Harry has had a completely different first two years than his peers. But as I write this post, Harry does not appear to give a flying pancake about the fact he has cancer! He is up walking about. Indeed, one has to chase him and catch him now to grab a cuddle before he wriggles off with a 'git down'.  He is talking in phrases. I adore how he says my name.  He is still diddy and looks much younger than he is, but when you have chemotherapy, this is what happens. When your body is putting all it's strength into staying alive when fighting deadly septicaemia, this is what happens. Harry does not give a hairy fig about any of this now and it's perhaps fortunate that he will have little or no memory of it. Certainly the fact that he will start Nursery soon phases me and his mum and all the family more than him! He will love it. His last visit was a clear one; the third one on the trot. Hooray! It's amazing how well he is developing considering the little sight they say he has. I am still hyper emotional if I think about him or talk about him at length. *Reaches for tissues*
Minutes old!

Just about two years old. Happy Birthday Harry xxxx
He is just SO cute!

Well, as I am writing this post I am supposed to be looking for a hotel as we are going to make the trip cross country to see the UniTeen. I am really looking forward to getting away from it all - even if it is just for one day! We said we would take her for a big food shop. It's probably not a coincidence that it is pay day then! Much pasta, loo rolls and washing powder will be purchased! No doubt, the HG will be wrapped round her little finger and jars of Nutella and other such goodies will be bought!

I've left it too late for a bargain Travel lodge/ Premier Inn style room. I just want to be clean and comfy for the night and well fed at breakfast the next morning. Anyone ever stayed in such a CHEAP but BRILLIANT place in Newcastle? Please let me know. But for now - back to trawling the tinternet!

Catch up soon folks xxx


  1. Harry is a cutie patootie for sure!
    Jane x

  2. He's a proper charmer! Such a gorgeous lad...Happy Birthday Harry! xxx

  3. oh my brave brave Harry...even if he doesn't know it. It so endearing to hear how the little chap copes with it all. Bless him! Here's to a fantastic birthday for Harry!

    Amanda :-)

  4. I missed your blogs my blogger friend! Happy Birthday Harry he is so gorgeous. I hope you have a super visit with Uni-teen. Being opposite hemisphere we are having a hot Jan. I find Jan depressing for other reasons. Back at work after a long holiday and daughter back at school and 11 months to go until I can vegetate on my couch again.


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