Thursday 14 February 2013

Show and tell wins again

And a tale of an early lesson in love .

Firstly I was in Y3 for the afternoon. One of my very favourite places to be. Even though I may whinge and whine about it! Now you've met this Year 3 class before. When I used to blog about them when they were in Year 1!
They are a class full of little cherubs. And one little soul mentioned he had 'show and tell' . Well, you know me, a sucker for show and tell.
Me: what've you brought in?
Boy: it's really smart. I've got this book right. It's called a dictionary. It's like magic. You look up a word. AND IT TELLS YOU WHAT IT MEANS!!

He was so excited about this. The animation in his voice was a joy to hear!!

Now for the lesson in love and broken hearts.
We were all sat on the carpet about to start our lesson and Sensitive Boy put his hand up. Yes? I waited. With eyes brimming with tears he said to me
"I gave a Valentine's card. And she ripped it up and put it in the bin. (Tears brimmed over ).
I looked at the object of his affections. She looked back at me, face blank, completely unrepentant. The class for once fell silent.

I was thinking what the f#%k do I say ???!!!

Just as I opened my mouth to speak
He blurted out the killer heart wrencher.

Oh you poor poor boy. You just learnt the hard way what cold,cruel creatures we women can be!! Miss Unrepentant 2013 barely blinked as she continued to blank him!
I did what any respecting adult would. I turned it into a quick lesson on tact and diplomacy! I also said that they were far too young to be thinking about Valentines nonsense! I told his dream girl that she should have taken the card home and thrown it in the bin there!

I then moved swiftly into the lesson.

What would YOU have said?!!


  1. I'd still be banging my forehead with my palm.
    Guess that's why I'm not a teacher!
    Jane x

  2. I'd have done the same as you, and reminded them that the giving of a card or gift is all they can be sure of: that we can never be assured of the reaction it will receive, from another child or from an adult. A good lesson for life, but poor chap. x

  3. I would have stuck a sticker on the girls forehead "psychopath" and then had show and tell boy look it up in his dictionary. Only kidding hopefully I would have handled it as well as you.


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