Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Well, it's 2013!

First post of the new year. I don't do resolutions or reviews.

Um. Well what have I to write about?!

Today is Wednesday. I go back to work on Monday. I have much sorting out to do before then. One thing I did just do was empty my handbag. I'm not a really 'baggy' girl to be honest but I'd amassed a heap of crud in there.
Out went ancient receipts. I sorted my purse too. I had £40.63 in it. I am going to see how long I can eek this out! With two teenagers in the house prob not long! As you know that £40 will go the first time I go to buy milk!

But let's see! I have a fully stocked freezer, bread flour and yeast in. 1/4 sack of spuds. I'm thinking it'll last me till next week! ( School = bus fares for the teenager ) bloody kids!

How much is in your purse? And what's it for?? What an incredibly vulgar question!!! I'm laughing out loud at my impertinence! Go on... Tell me!! Do I have any wealthy blogging chums?!!!

Post 1 of 2013 DONE


  1. I think I must have grown up in the Great Depression or something, I ALWAYS have cash. Enough to get a tank full of gas, plus groceries for a week. Extra set of clothes for everyone. It appears that I am set for the apocalypse. Or something. If there is a run on the banks, we'll be set for a bit.


  2. In my [manly] wallet I have princely the sum of £3.75 with which I will buy the heart and soul of the Labour Party. That's about what it's worth and you can bet your life they'll scramble over each other to wrest if from my feeble capitalist grasp.

  3. Bizarrely there's over 200 in mine, but it's a rare freaky occurrence as are the one's that look like a 10p that have been in there since November's trip to AZ , they're really annoying but will eventually get through security and end up in shop tills masquerading as 10 pence pieces. Like you I don't clear my purse/handbag very often, just transfer the stuff I need into next bag of choice and hence end up with various bags littered about with "very important stuff" in that I obviously don't need!

    1. To be fair, she was quite pissed when she wrote that! :o)

  4. I have exactly £5 in my purse, I also have £5.72 on my Co-Op card. My freezer and fridge are full, my larder and cupboards are stuffed, I have bread flour and yeast and half price tea and coffee. All I need to buy is milk, fruit and veg. I planned this after some frugal blogs. This is the low spend, pay off the mortgage year. I have been through my wardrobe and linen cupboard, we have no need to buy clothes,towels ore bed linen this year. My sealed pot is being fed regularly and I save directly from wages at work. Luckily I have a small mountain of chocolate from Santa to comfort me when I really want to shop.

  5. How strange I also cleaned out my handbag today! I also put it in the washing machine when I was done, but sadly couldn't get the stains out. I'm gutted, I love my "Old Bag" and somehow thought it would come out all sparkly clean. Haven't emptied my purse out yet. I only have 0.63p in money, but lots of other wierd stuff in there, you don't want to know or think about!! Not sure what I will spend it on yet.

    Happy New Year Rachelradiostar and best of luck for Monday.

    Love Arwedd xx

  6. I have a bunch of cash in my purse right now because I have a hair appointment on Saturday, and her credit card machine is always malfunctioning - easier to pay cash.

  7. I currently have $50.59 in my (fabulous, brand new) purse. I generally don't carry cash money because it doesn't seem like real money to me for some reason. It's like Monopoly money. I spend it on stupid crap, then an hour later couldn't tell you what I bought. I also have a couple of Starbucks gift cards that I haven't entered into my phone app yet. As an aside, I apparently have a Starbucks addiction that people have begun to notice, because I got a lot of their gift cards for Christmas. :) I'll probably spend the cash on re-stocking my bare cupboards. The poor cat is going to be hungry soon and I need more protein drinks. lol!

  8. I survive by living off my debit card so the only things in my very tatty, probably stitched together in some Indian sweatshop by child slaves, wallet is all those bits of plastic crucial for modern living. Inside is also a €50 note which has been in there for over a year now seeing as the exchange rate has been so poor which my mother gave me (she lives in Cyprus) and various Tesco coupons and vouchers the sum monetary total of which exceeds the current value of the steadily depreciating €50 note …which a ‘wallet-stitching sweatshop Indian child labour slave’ would probably turn his nose up at?!

  9. Happy New Year Rachel, we scraped together our last cents today before the hubby went to the shops, so I have zero in my handbag. I also go back to work on Monday, this holiday passed way to quickly.

  10. I think I have about $3 in my wallet. It will be lunch. My bank account is in a sad, sad state as well. Damn rent!! :) Happy New Year, my friend. I miss seeing you around the Tweeter. xo


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