Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Meet my new friend.

He's called Terry. He's my new 'VegetaPAL'. He was born out of necessity. She who must be obeyed ( FM! ) instructed me to make him in order for me to quit my snivelling over the fact that the precious first born left for Uni again. It seemed worse this time somehow! So here is my efforts. I raided the veg drawer- he'll be made into 'manky veg soup later' and my sewing box. I do have googly eyes somewhere but not where I thought they were. So he is a vision in silver. He is also a punk rocker, hence the safety pin through his nose. He's quite swede really ! ( groan )


  1. I feel your pain. Not sure if I am going to make vegipals though. I did not even get to spend much time with my middly when I visited her in December she was working such long hours. :-(

  2. Haha Love it!!

  3. ........and you are going to cook him???? Shame!

    Amanda :-)


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