Friday 14 September 2012

University's Eve


Friday has come round all too soon. One proper day left at home. I'm a bit* raaaar that I have to go to work and spend it with other people's children, not my own. At 3.20pm I'll be hot footing it home. At approx 3.22pm I shall be home!

*I'm a LOT raaar.

I know she will be back before I know it with mountains of dirty washing. I know it'll be fine. I know it'll be the best years of her life. I know I've been working her whole life to get her to this point. See everyone, I DO listen. And thank you to everyone who has listened to me whine n whinge on. I'm pretending to myself, she's just going on another Scout Camp. This, I can deal with!

Her Dad, my HG ( Hunter Gatherer ) who doesn't say much, is struggling too. He spends his whole days at work thinking about his little girl, wondering if she'll be alright!
*rolls eyes* Daddy's Girl.
If she's wanted it, even when cruel, hard Victorian Mama has said no, never, not in a million years, Daddy has got it for her!!! ( Then moaned at her for not putting stuff away- she can't put it away, dear reader, there is too much sodding stuff!! )

Our poor, left behind son is going to feel the weight of all this parental attention!!! He'll be dragged out of his lair and have to take the role of both kids!! *sniggers*!!!! Please note I won't make him wear full make up and short skirts to go to school though! Hmmm nor will I fill his room with teenage girls!

He doesn't say much, obviously taking after the strong silent type his father is, but I'm sure he will miss her too.

They've been good siblings. She's completely bossed him about his whole life, apparently he swears at her on the way to the bus stop in a morning. The way she can strop n boss, I'm not surprised. I think I'd be swearing at her on the way to the bus stop.

But they've always been together. Even this summer, gone shopping, cycling, walking etc. They gave me a heart attack when they let go of the bar, when they were hanging upside down together, on a scary ' people die on those things ' extreme ride of terror at Camelot a fortnight ago! ( I videoed this on my phone, I am screaming louder than the people on the flipping ride! )

So he will be left at home. He takes his GSCEs this year. If all goes to plan, I'll be recycling this post in three years time, if he's been as successful as she at Sixth form.

You think I'm maudlin and whinging now??? You just wait til then!!!!

Here is one of my favourite photos of them. Playing together in one of our favourite places. It's a bit blurry, but that's to help you imagine seeing it through my tears!!!!

I hate to admit it, but my mother was right, the time has flown by and 'they are not babies for long' but they'll be my babies forever. I've already told work colleagues that if I'm not in on Monday, it's because I'm at Uni, under the bed in a tiny room in Newcastle!

No doubt I'll be back on my blog to regale you with The Move. I have NO idea how we are going to get it all in the car :-/

PS please keep little Harry chops in your thoughts today. He's gone for his four weekly Exam Under Anaesthetic. No more tumours, no new growth is what we want to hear.


  1. ChippyChin from Twitter14 September 2012 at 06:06

    Aw, Mom, my heart breaks for you. I wish you all the best gettin' her there. To the little one too.

    1. Aww thank you Chippychin :-) . Comments from you always make me smile

  2. Oh sweetie I know how you are feeling! I remember leaving my eldest baby at uni for the first time. She's at Queens in Belfast and when the ferry pulled away I'm not ashamed to say I wept like a baby - I felt like I'd left a part of me behind.
    For a while you will set a place at the table for her and buy her favourite foods but it does get easier honest! You will wait for her phone calls and worry that she is happy and eating properly and working hard. It does get easier honest!
    So my thoughts and love are with you over the next few days and good luck to your daughter. She'll be feeling vulnerable too. Xxx
    Ps My daughter has just returned to uni for her third year and yes I cried when she left! She's my baby and always will be. X

    1. Dear Sue,
      Your comment made me cry for you!! How you didn't leap aboard the ferry as a stow away I'll never know!!
      Thanks for your lovely comments as ever x
      Love Rachel x

  3. When my eldest and middle daughter came home for the weekend for my eldest 21'st birthday party I cried like a baby when dropping both of them off, I could not even talk. Rachel I don't know if you will see the comment on my blog but for some reason your comments don't want to show. Perhaps when you make a comment again, comment as google. Lots of love Rachel, it definitely is not easy.

  4. Still no luck Rachel going to try and get help from Blogger.


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