Saturday 1 September 2012

September September

Remember remember the 1st of September,
Back to school treason I've got.

Quick mobile post today. I'm so heartened by some lovely folks who ask me to blog because they love to read it! I think they are fabulous ( so thanks people, you know who you are ).

I've so much to tell you all:
My absolute nervous trauma and experiences of getting ready to be packing off my first born to Uni, gleeful one minute, morose the next; delivery of my new shiny washing machine, the unexpected death of the old one ( the washing machine I mean ); my thoughts and feelings about having to go back to work ( against my will, will nobody save me??) on Tuesday; gorgeous photos and memories from our brilliant week away in Wales, where it actually didn't rain; how my sister discovered some thieving lowlife SCUM had emptied her bank account, when she tried to pay for her weekly shop; and other waffley waffle that I do! For now, here are a few gorgeous pics from Wales. I wonder if you can guess what we as a family like to do best ..... Oh and a beautiful shot of my new shiny .....

I'll get back to you soon with a proper post n everything very soon! I am trying to add relevant labels to each post. I'm not sure why?!!!


  1. ChippyChin from Twitter1 September 2012 at 08:47

    Oh! Please share more ruins/castle pictures. It's one of the (many) top reasons why I wish I lived in Europe - I love both! We have cool ruins too(native), but not ancient castles.

    I cheerfully anticipate your post, but I'm patient. Take your time! A busy person is usually a happy person. Happy is good. :)

  2. Rachel I love the photos. I can't offer much cheer with your eldest leaving home. Both my eldest and middly left home at the same time over a year ago and I still haven't got accustomed to it. Fortunately two of my daughters friends have in the interim come to live with us so the house does not feel as empty any more.

  3. I love the photos Rachel. Old ruined castles fascinate me. Great blog too :)

  4. Gorgeous photos, glad you had a lovely hollibob xx

  5. You can't possibly have been to Wales. I think you may have been fooled into thinking you were in Wales, as it ALWAYS rains there. My Mum tells me every time I ring her. Are you sure you weren't actually in Devon?

    Arwedd xx

  6. Love Wales its so handy for a day trip living in Shropshire. Having had holidays in Wales every year when I was a child I think I have visited every castle in Wales, which is probably why I love all things historical. Looks like you had some nice weather too.



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