Wednesday 19 September 2012

A dangerous world.

People getting killed by guns, in my mind, happens in films and America. Not just up the road from me in the "safe gun free" UK. This is increasingly not the case.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of the two police officers mown down in cold blood yesterday.

The debate rages on in the papers, on the radio,on the TV and the Internet about how our police officers should/should not be armed. I doubt that this would have changed the outcome of yesterday's awful events. Maybe police officers should wear body armour and bullet proof vests from now on. Again, after listening to the reports, I wonder if they would have survived.

What I DO think, is, in this country we are far too lax with criminals and justice is very rarely done. I think the death penalty should be returned. I understand the cries of the 'miscarriages of justice' but with the advance in forensic science now, since it was abolished, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the pure evil scum would get what they deserve. Look at the evil Brady/Hindley pair. No doubt whatsoever there. How many thousands of our tax £ that we have to pay has gone on looking after these in prison?

I could really rant on about prisons. They are giving their guests much better conditions than a lot of old people's homes.Oh and an education that my daughter is already £9k in debt for. Human rights?? Well I'm sorry but I don't think they deserve any the minute they break the law.

And bail?? Too many people are killed by people let out on bail. He was arrested 3 months ago, but let out on bail.

Come on CPS toughen up. Thieves should lose a finger for every crime they commit. Youthcrime should be punished by stocks in the city centre. Rapists should be castrated. Murderers should be dispatched the exact same way they took the life of someone else. A few sick psychopaths could be kept chained up especially for this purpose.

How CAN those poor women RIP?? I'd be haunting that bastard for the rest of his time.

I also spare a thought for his mum. That poor mama. To know your child is a monster?

Rant over.

I am still maudlin over my girl. I worry for her safety. It's hard to let go. I know she is having a good time. Guess it's part of growing up! Her AND me.

Love Rachel x


  1. We should bring back capital punishment for all premeditated violent crime. When the case is proven, there is no rational argument against.

  2. Anyone caught with a gun (whether or not it has been used in a crime)should get life.
    Jane x

  3. Rachel this something we have a terrible time with in South Africa. Terrible not to feel safe.

  4. should hang the bastards i would happily put the rope round their neck and kick the box from under them.

  5. I agree with everyword you say. I don't consider myself as a violent person but I wouldn't mind half an hour in room with these people with a very large iron bar and a pair of secateurs!
    Time for a cup of tea I think lol


  6. It starts in school, all this positive reinforcement, acknowledge the good ignore the bad. Hmmm, in my day in school you behaved, a) because essentially kids are good, b.) the thought of what could happen, the cane, was a deterrent. Yes deterrents, those that are sadly lacking from school right the way through life these days.


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