Thursday 14 June 2012

Three Wishes Thursday

Pic from Google Images.
Three Wishes.
I have different combinations of these. Sometimes I like to mix them up. Sometimes I am a good wholesome Christian and the wishes are all about others less fortunate. Sometimes I am not. I am selfish, materialistic and unsociable.

It's important to have batches of three. Greed is not a good quality. Therefore, never ever is the third wish allowed to be  "I wish for three more wishes!"

I'm going to come up with some now. I've had them swimming round my head since 6am!

I am typing them with my toes crossed, my hair is tucked behind my right ear and I have a teenager in the bathroom: ergo they have to come true. 

Also depending on the tone of them you may guess what phase the moon is in!

BUT, and it is a BIG BUT { I like BIG BUTS ( sic )  and I cannot lie! }

One should also be very careful what one wishes for....

I'd really like you all to add your three wishes - you can have as many batches of three as you wish!

Batch 1.
1. I wish my daughter passes her A Levels and gets the grades needed for Uni.
2. I wish my son gets top grades in his GSCEs this year ( Y10) so he doesn't have to re sit them in Y11
3. I wish my  girls' maths group at work do me proud and make the L4 I was aiming  to get them to.

Batch 2.
1. I wish Harry didn't have cancer
2. I wish my mum hadn't had her strokes
3. I wish my dad hadn't had his heart attack.
( They are all still here so some wishes made at the time must have been granted )

Batch 3.
2. I wish my neighbours were lovely people with lovely children.
3. I wish the shop that was two doors down hadn't gone bankrupt and shut down, because  I now have a 3 minute walk to get emergency milk and chocolate.

Batch 4.
1. I wish I was thin
2. I wish I was thin but with ample perky bosom, pert buttocks and long slender legs
3. I don't wish to be a barbie doll though so please I want my wish to be tastefully thin with all of the above.

Batch 5.
1. I wish I could win the lottery
2. I wish I didn't have to go to work every sodding day
3. I wish work was full of interested, willing to learn, curious to discover, well mannered and obedient children.

Batch 6.
1. I wish for the makers of ER to make another series.
2. I wish to go to a Drive in Movie
3. I wish for a nice car to sit in at the afore mention Drive In Movie

I could go on and on and on! It goes unsaid that I wish for world peace, happiness and that no children ever have to suffer ever.  It's not unsaid now. #awkward!

Today only for a short time it's "I'll Grant Your Wishes Thursday."

 My one wish for today is that I get my mitts on a couple of Muse tickets - damn you work, making me be fully occupied at the time when I should be sat refreshing a screen trying to get tickets! ( I know, I know - in this day and age I am jolly well lucky to have a job but it's my perrogative to whinge about it! )
This was at Manchester 2010. Look how close I was!!!! That's THE Matthew Bellamy! I have no idea who that hand belongs to though!

You might recognise this shot - it was taken at Liverpool a few years ago. I bloody love Muse!

You all know I love my job! It pays for the above habit!


  1. Ooh - good wishes. I especially like the one about the work thing. My (teacher) husband would completely agree!

  2. 1. I wish the local trains were more reliable
    2. I wish Mum's illness hadn't left her so bad tempered.
    3. I wish Wigan wasn't so far from Fleet

  3. Good list glad you are working towards achieving the ones that are achievable !!!

  4. It's certainly given me something to think about! It's difficult to narrow it down to just 3 wishes. I will have to get to you!
    Like all of your wishes though!

  5. 1. I wish I could get straight out of bed in the morning, and not feel groggy
    2. I wish I could eat whatever I want and not gain weight.
    3. I wish people would stop using my milk out the fridge at work!!!

  6. 1. Unspoken wish (oooOOoooOooh, a secret!)
    2. I wish i actually lost weight when i exercised. It would help me stick to it.
    3. I wish i was published to the point that i knew that what i wrote would make me money.

    Of course, those are the main three that i've been working towards in my life. If i were to think outside of my immediate concerns, i would get into wishes about the death of cancer, the disease that sucks like none other. Or i would wish that i could hold my mom's hand just one more time. Or that my dad didn't hate me so. Or that i didn't feel so crappy right now. Or that getting a bigger house didn't involve spending more money or actually packing moving and unpacking again. Or, the obvious wish that i could sit down at the kitchen table to drink coffee with each and every one of my friends without having to fly across the country to be with them.

    That is all for now.

  7. Ok first of all, Who TF is Muse?

    Second of all, do you Brits not believe that your wishes won't come true if you tell anyone what they are?

    Anyway, here are mine:
    1) The same wish I always wish for the people most important to me (not telling just in case!)
    2) I wish crappy, fixer-up, starter homes in L.A. were not over half a million dollars.
    3) I wish my family that is scattered across the U.S. would all pack up and move into my neighborhood. It would be nice for my kids to actually meet their aunts & uncles.

  8. I too have 3 wishes
    1) I wish Harry didn't have cancer
    2) I wish all of rachels wishes in all batches came true
    3) I wish Harry didn't have cancer

    Yes I know 1 & 3 are the same, but although I have no money and so on I am the luckiest person alive as I have 4 beautiful children who love me so I don't really need anything more other than Harry not having cancer

  9. I too have 3 wishes
    1) I wish Harry didn't have cancer
    2) I wish all of rachels wishes in all batches came true
    3) I wish Harry didn't have cancer

    Yes I know 1 & 3 are the same, but although I have no money and so on I am the luckiest person alive as I have 4 beautiful children who love me so I don't really need anything more other than Harry not having cancer

  10. My wishes:
    1) I wish that these wishes get to Rachel before her inability to grant my wishes wears off... any minute now.
    2) Bugger... too late. My second wish is to turn back time to the time when Rachel's inability to grant wishes is unconstrained by any form of imaginary cosmic timetable... and all that.
    3) Wish three is to remember what on earth I am doing here, at 2345, with a slipper on one foot, a wellie on the other and holding an empty coffee mug, halfway up (or is it down?) the stairs.

  11. Thank you for joining my blog and thank you for making me smile this morning with your introduction and your wishes - I love your candid introduction - way to go! My wishes:
    1) I wish that my daughter would talk to me and her dad
    2) I wish my house was tidy NOW!!!
    3) Of course I wish I was thin ... again, now would be good or I am back to the Harcombe diet on Monday.

    Batch 2
    1) I wish Harry didn't have cancer - my step-niece had this and I know how dreadful it can be
    2) I still wish I was think
    3) I wish schools had flexi-time to accommodate teachers and students who don't like regular hours

  12. Great wishes!

    I will join you in wishing Harry didnt have cancer x


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