Saturday 31 March 2012

Well Summer was lovely

The beginning of this week brought the sunshine. It also brought news of a Pasty tax, a hike in the price of stamps and or own stupid government urging it's own stupid people to panic buy fuel. Cunning Plan really. Who knew what a cash strapped Government might do - mega sales of a heavily taxed resource might help.

The end of the week brought about the 12 month anniversary of our living with Harry's Cancer. I saw him yesterday and he was giggling his head off as he tried to sink his gleamiing gnashers into my finger, the cheeky monkey. This time of year also is tinged with personal sadness for me.

BUT I am finally free of work, for two whole lovely weeks. I know I am very lucky to be employed and that there are folks who would kill to be in work. But for those who do not work in a school and claim that teachers and school staff have it easy with our ample holidays - well we sodding well need them. Otherwise mass pupilicide and parenticide might just occur.

This week holds mass pottering anf faffing, another visit to a Uni, huge amounts of socialising and relaxing! Bring it on :)


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