Saturday 24 March 2012

Today may have just been that know the one.

It was hot in the jungle, the stampede had passed and it was lonely and quiet in the glade.
Three hyenas stalked, mean faced, with their cubs in tow. Their  innocent quarry set firmly in their sights.
They approached and once the victim was cornered, they bared their fangs and let rip.
Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

" We want a word about stuff  what you just said to our darling precious butter wouldn't
 melt in her mouth Princess and her two henchprincesses"

The victim didn't even have time to draw breath before she was set upon.

 The Hyenas, snapped and snarled all at once , even rising up onto their hind legs to look even more menacing, pointing and jabbing with their chavvly manicured paws. Their velour tracksuited heckles were well risen, the anger rising right to the tip of their yellow then dark brown fur.

The victim drew herself together and calmy asked what was the matter?
More finger pointing and stabbing as they verbally aggressively squared up and let the accusations fly.......

YOU said our brat  (sic) was the worst one in the class and that you are sick of her.
( I hadn't )
YOU said my two were the most unkind in the class
( I hadn't)   {even though they are }

Its disgusting that YOU singled out our precious ones like this and we are not having it.

Finally the victim interjected.

The lesson was about ways we can be kinder and ways we can be friendlier. The class teacher had agreed this was a good idea because there had been  daily issues and incidents in the whole class.
I told them I'd found some work we had done last year and we were going to review it and see if we actually acted on our ideas and could we come up with some new ones? Very right on, very beans and lentils, very let's talk about our feelings. ( I didn't say this last bit obviously! )

Blah blah blah blah blah ( getting louder and louder )

Well, said head Hyena, our cub came out in floods of tears so upset that you said you and ALL the staff were sick of her.
I said
NO! What I DID say was the staff were sick and tired of having to sort out issues about friendship day in day out where the falling outees then are best friends the next day etc. I did not say any names - it was a general statement. ( the class teacher had told them this  - as a class ) the day before. We said we were fed up with the amount of time it took to sort all their behaviour out every day. 

Meanwhile as I was explaining this the cub was so smugly looking at me saying 'she did mum, she did say it mum'.
How I didn't laugh out loud as the Hyena made the utterly monstrous claim that her cub did not lie. That is like saying her cub was an elephant!!
Anyway as I was trying to explain the head of the Jungle came along to see what all the noise was. "Have you come to view your cub's books?" she politely asked. Her reply was spat at her how they's come in to sort me out for saying such mean things to their princessess.

I then reiterated what I'd said - ALL THE WHILE WANTING TO SCREAM WELL THE TRUTH HURTS DON'T IT!!! None of the other children who were equally as guilty of unfriendly and unkind behaviour were crying or dragging their parents in!!!!! Clearly they took the moral of the lesson to heart because YES YES YES IT WAS AIMED AT THEM!!!!!! But in no way had it been delivered such. I would never ever do that .

I HAD said to one of the girls - maybe you could try some of the things on your list especially after this lunchtime. - At lunchtime the girl had viciously and bitchily sent another one to coventry bc she was wearing the wrong headband! - The whole class knew what had gone on because the lunchtime staff had dealt with it!!

Anyway, clearly not content with the fact that they hadn't been able to get their pound of flesh, one of them sneered,
" Well YOU didn't get on with <insert name of older sibling here>"
The head and I looked confused.
" Don't give me that, you had me in once for his/her behaviour"

Once, when it had warranted it. Mum had been totally on board then. It had been to stop low level disruption and it was as a warning to try and stop things before they got out of hand.

The Head said that is ridiculous. At this point, one of the cubs tried to speak - but was soon given short thrift AND reminded that their behaviour at lunch time had been unacceptable!!

The Hyenas turned to slink away. The Head repeated her earlier question.
"Are you going to come and look at your children's work? It is the parent's veiwing afternoon after all"

Guess what?

Did they turn around and come and look at something that really matters? Did they fuck.

All of this took place AFTER I had stopped being paid, ie on MY time. I was shaking as it was a very intimidating sitauation. I was miffed that it had been allowed to happen again - where by parents can gain access to staff and then be intimidating. Also I was pissed off that my head hadn't said to these parents that their behaviour towards me was unacceptcable in any way shape or form. Grrrrrr

 Now don't get me wrong - I  DO TOTALLY ,UTTERLY and COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND the mama bear feelings, it is natural to want to come and deal with who/what has upset them. Sometimes it is necessary and actually applicable. BUT there should be a system inplace whereby it is done in a controlled manner. One day I truly fear for my physical safety.

Interesting facts.
1. All of these children joined our school from TWO other schools
2. They came to our school because their parents were sick of the way their children had been bullied at their first school.
3. Do they think that schools don't talk to each other as their initials schools put the effing flags out when they left
4. It only took about two weeks for us to figure out that THEY infact were the perpetrators
5. Yes the older child had been spoken to about behaviour - after that there were no memorable problems - it was years ago.
6. All of last year, the three princesses caused problems after problems and it's carried on into this year and their parents have been brought in time after time.
7. NONE of the strategies that we put into place and try to work with the girls on ( LIKE MY EFFIN LESSON) are working and getting through. Nor do parents come to engage with our family liasion officer who runs courses and after school activities. They only ever come in if asked or to complain.
8. These girls have been asked to leave outside clubs out of school hours because of their behaviour
9. Are the parents not twigging by now that they are rasing MONSTERS? Which is a shame because on rare occasions, they have been lovely.
10. They are the Gripper Stetsons of our school. We can only do so much....

My dear long suffering other half who has to listen to me ranting on calmy says why don't you just tell them to FUCK OFF.

 I would get the sack. That's why.

But it's OK, I have to stand the abuse, the wilful disobedience and the total lack of respect - they are free to come and do this as they please.

So you know that straw? Well it was some straw that the Hyenas had been lying in and it well and truly broke the camel. So I am looking for a new job. One that you get paid to have a jolly nice day, with no angst, no backchat, one where if you have to give instructions, they are followed promptly. So anyone looking for such an employee?
 Or I will have to win the lottery!
SO, I was


  1. The last line
    So I was....... needs editing out!

    The very next day, some children were brought to the head for nasty and unkind behaviour. I'll give you three guesses who it was.

  2. Rachel, my eldest was being badly bullied and tormented in primary school(junior school) to the extent that I wanted to actually go to the school and intervene. She asked me if I wanted her to be the type of person who could not deal with her own problems. She dealt with the bullies bravely until she left the school. These brats (hyenas) not only are bullies but they obviously will never know how to deal with problems. Good luck with the lotto been practising at winning the big one for years.

  3. The little bastards should have been lined up and shot in front of their parents, who should have then been shot in front of all the other parents.

    All this touchy-feely bullshit is at the heart of everything that's wrong with this country.

  4. Mmmmm tis a sad reflection of society when such blatant aggressive behavior by such as these is allowed to pass. I fear that we have indeed become a society that panders to fuckwits like these.
    What is laughable is how they take um-bridge at others behavior towards their little darlings but what is annoying that their offspring will go on to breed more of the same... Mmmmm neutering perhaps the answer?
    What is truly sad is that another kindly soul has become so discouraged as to look further afield for other position, sad indeed.

  5. No wonder the country is in a mess. No one should have to put up with that.

  6. Thanks Folks - your suppory means a lot. Viv - I feel for your daughter - good on her for trying to do it herself. I would have wanted to go to the school too.
    But I would always advise to report such evill behaviour for there may be other innocents not as brave as your girl xx


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