Saturday 17 March 2012

The good news and then the bad news - why must they always come in a pair?

The good news - well unfortunately I wasn't able to go to Birmingham with Lisa this time as rather selfishly, my numbers have refused to come up on the Lottery, so I still have to go to work every sodding day! Still, it was good news for Harry.

No new growths. Still keeping a close watch on a suspect area over the left optic nerve so the little man has to go back in four weeks but no laser treatment! Yay! . Lisa brough the cherubs round before she left on Sunday so we all shared in squidgey Harry gigglechops cuddles. William was utterly adorable - as he was trying to cadge more crackers off us. Honestly Lisa - would you FEED your kids occasionally!!!!

The Bad News.

The worst kind of news ever. I was contacted by a colleague on the telephone on Tuesday night to tell me that an ex pupil had died suddenly.

The pupil was only 12 years old. I'd only seen the pupil last Friday as they were collecting a younger sibling from school.

I cried so hard. Such a shame. So awful for the family. Every time I closed my eyes that night I could see the little face of the angel.  Due to looking round Universities with my daughter I was not in school the next day and mostly I was glad. I could grieve a little in private. I'm not one for public displays of any kind.

The day after, I returned to school. Obviously the staff were still harrowed by the news, but the children were nonplussed and were getting on with daily school life as if nothing ever happened. There you go. No matter how cruel. Life does go on and the world keeps turning.

RIP little one xxxxxxx

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  1. V. good news about Harry! Yay!

    But sorry to hear your sad news - massive hugs to you chicky. Dont know what to say, but thinking of you. xxx


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