Friday 15 July 2011

What news will today bring?

I've been backk n forwards to the Drs, had a scan - shown a gallstone and await further news. In the meantime people are bringing me flowers ( I HATE flowers esp big stinky old lillies) what an ungrateful wretch but these people do not know me, clearly. I think they are only coming to have a look.
I think I shall reopen my house today as PT Barnums mysterious circus. - I am THAT yellow.
I sneezed - even my snot is yellow.

But my ailments are nothing when you consider our little Harry who is just toooooo cute! He made a shop lady cry yesterda. She came over to coo into the chair and said awww has he been poorly? My mum said , he has cancer and she cried. She said O I am so sorry, that's just so sad and she had to run off to her staffroom to compose herself. Poor lady - I peered in at Harry and mock scolded naughty boy making that lady cry and he just laughed!
But it's not a laughing matter - treatment is going well, except he isn't putting weight on and he is soooo tiny but he still has cancer. I cried a bit too yesterday for him.

Back to me now - THE NONE STOP ITCHING IS DRIVING ME OVER THE EDGE. I am a mess of red weals all over my body. I am yellow and red stripy! Like some mutant tiger! Phone appt with the doc at 11:00amish...Ill let you know........................
I am hoping for a skin transplant,  O and longer legs :)


  1. lol. Your legs will always be shorter than mine. Harry would put some weight on if he would stop pulling the dratted tube out. As we speak am waiting for nurse to come and put it back in ffs Harry

  2. We'll keep Harry in our thoughts.

    As for you, when is somebody going to do something to make you better? I hate to hear about the jaundice (YELLOW snot?), and the infernal itching. Lady, you need a break!

  3. Just playing catch up stripy, how'd the Docs go? and send Harry my warmest wishes me dear.


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