Thursday 21 July 2011

It goes from bad to worse

Hey folks - I am sorry you have been neglected.
I am still bright yellow and the Jaundice means I CBA with anything, I am restless and can't fcus or concentrate on anything. The main problem is the sleeplessness. I am only getting about two hours a night and that is broken. It is sould destryoing to wake up and look at the clock and it's only minutes past midnight. I HATE it. The itching is driving me beserk. I hate that it's the holidays now and I can't do anything. My rushed through Specialist appointment is on Wed at 9am - for the love of GOD pray she gives me a solution.

However, my problems pale into significance when I tell you that Harry had to be rushed to Manchester after developing a bacterial infection in his central line. Septacaemia. The good news we are clinging oonto is that is temperature is under control, he is on three targetted antibiotics and as of today no new cultures have developped. Its a killer for my sister as she is over there on her own, with the other three left at home. I was way too sick to go see her and him when she was in our city hospital.

I spent 4 hours in A and E on Sunday with my 17 tyear old daughter who tripped over someone's bag at school and dislocated her knee. Fracture clinic tomorrow and we anticipating a full hip to ankle cast.

On Saturday Mr Radiostar's belloved Nanna slipped away and died after years of residing in a home growing steadiily weaker and weaker - she didn't recognise him for years - its so sad. Even though she was 90, it's still a sad thing.

THEN I find out my Dad will have to go into hospital to have a hernia repaired and a lump removed off his leg ( nothing sinister ) but  still...
My mum broke her tooth so an extra dental appoitment for her.
 Man I must have done something really bad in a former life I tell ya. When will it end??????????????????????

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