Sunday 3 July 2011

Technical term "Uuuyak"

I have been sick now for two and a half days - it all started Friday lunch time. I know I should probably go to the doctors - I have self diagnosed gall bladder/stones and I am a wuss. So I am sipping iced water and moving alternatively between lying down standing and sitting, sofa, garden, bed. It is totally pissing me off now though.
So I prob will check in with a doc.
I won't bore you with any more medical drama - but if i don't blog for a while it's cause I died!!!!

Missed my beloved Lancashire Hotpots gig last night but my lovely friend who went got them to RING me on the phone so I spoke to them!! One of them asked me if it was top or bottom!! And did I want some chips!!!!
Unfortunately I had to decline given my pathetic disposition. Wish I could describe how I felt - it's achy, nautious and weird. Hmmmm. Give em a listen - they are FAB!!!!


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