Sunday 10 July 2011

The Itchy and Scratchy show

Welcome to my life. Itch, scratch, itch, scratch - it's relentless - the scratching deosn't cause more itching like the normal cycle. No that's my liver doing it all by itself.
Just now foreheah, left side of neck and both palms are itching LIKE MAD and when I go to scratch, somewhere else will crop up.

Iim sorry I havn't blogged properly but I am way to restless to settle to anything. On a good note the BRAT diet I am trying to observe has worked and I'm not having any waves of GB pain.  My upper abdomen is still tender to touch - but if I don't touch it, I don't feel it!!

Back soon
Now itchy right shoulder blade lower left shin


  1. God that sounds annoying and frustrating and horrible!!!!! Poor you. I really hope you feel better soon. Not a good way to end the summer term - dont you be being ill over the summer holidays! Keep illnesses for term time. (bit like ADHD when kids have it before and after school....)

    Glad the BRAT diet is working tho. Hope the test results come back with summat minor but easily sortable!!!

  2. Caught up on your Blogs today. Really sorry you're feeling "poorly". You're going to feel so much better once they take out that nasty gall bladder. I can eat anything without problems. The itching sounds terrible.Wish there was something you could do about it.

    Blog when you can and keep us posted, please.


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