Tuesday 1 August 2023

Last day of July

 Hi everyone, 

I can’t get to sleep. It’s actually the 1st August …just. Today the HG had no work again. We always have a bit of a laugh about him encroaching on my holidays! It’s daft really but it does irk me when days to myself get cancelled in this way. Not that I don’t appreciate having him around. He’s kept busy today pottering about n doing stinky jobs like washing out the wheels bins. He also walked the dog in the pouring rain and i have pleased myself. I’ve not done the sorting out I’d planned. It just makes me feel ‘responsible’ for the day and he doesn’t get that because of the job I do, I really do need days to decompress. The weekends don’t count. 

Anyway I suppose I’m more peed off with the 

firm/management of who he subcontracts for. Anyway late last night I checked on his self assessment page and we were thrilled to see a wee tax rebate. I said Bank it ( in these uncertain times ), he said we could get a new cooker. I said not until the one we have totally fails - although it probably is not efficient. It did well yesterday and I made a full on Christmas dinner but with chicken and no sprouts and parsnips! Today I had some eggs to use up ( and cream ) so I baked a wee sponge cake. Not pretty but delicious! 

The Weather up north is shocking for rain right now but it is perfect temperature for me and my hot flashes! I’ve done some sewing and knitting ( show and tells coming ) and we sat down with a brew this afternoon and caught up with some recorded TV and we watched the end of The Ashes. 

On my last post I listed all my aches n pains and declared I was fed up of moaning on. So me and the HG had a bet. I bet him 10p that I could go for 24hours without moaning. At first I almost slipped up, but getting ipmn down out the chair, I clamped my mouth shut n said nothing! I did say how hot I was after just cooking the tea, the HG said, was that a moan?? I argued it wasn’t! Anyway it’s the end of day 2 now and I’ve still not moaned! Quite pleased with myself! Also my shoulders and legs don’t seem to be as painful! Are the two things linked? 

I took this photo today out of my back window. It’s to show how rampant my hibiscus shrubs are. They are also a variety of Roses of Sharon ! What a name! And looking them up showed me that to buy plants like mine would be over £100 each! The line is my washing line - redundant this week so far. 

I can feel my eyes getting sleepy now so I will try and get some sleep. Miss 29 is coming on Thursday, bringing Freddie and staying overnight. Her and The Beau are jetting off to Cyprus for a wedding and we are dog sitting. Bluebell will be so excited! 

Right, am signing off

Bye everyone 

R x

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  1. Your last post was not a moan, it was frustration, with the system, those who don't understand and those who think other things are more important than our precious children, we need more people like you, you are a darling. This bloody rain is getting on my nerves, here in dry south we have had 4 weeks of rain, and it enough, our ground water levels are looking good, gardens are great, now give us some summer!! I understand your statement about hubby having a surprise day at home, he sounds like mine, always busy, which on a day planned for rest is a pain in the ***.


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