Monday 7 August 2023

Bit of a test post EDITED

 If anyone could check that the videos I’m posting today work and comment and let me know I’d be really grateful! 

Thanks to all who have watched. I hope they can be seen properly now - something in the privacy settings! 

They are of clever Freddie using indoor voice and then both doing tricks for breakfast! 

Both from 2019 I think! They are both clever in different ways. She knows at least 20 toys by name and will find them and tidy them into her toy box on command. She also will find socks and put them in the washer for me! Freddie will fetch whatever you point to on ‘Fetch’ and Bluebell will respond to ‘Bring’ in much the same way except she gets frantic and brings all sorts first before the one you are pointing at! Bluebell will NOT do the indoor voice trick at all. Freddie won’t play hide and seek but it’s Bluebell’s favourite! They both have the basic sit, down, leave it, roll over, paw, put ‘em up more or less equally. On a walk they both pull like trains on leads/harness despite hours of training, but will walk to heel off lead perfectly. Her recall is 99% - I’d say his is 98% 
Never say 100% because they will prove you wrong! Freddie is super cuddly and daft and the reason why we got her. If it was the other way around….. she barks and barks when on a walk. Think it’s just excitement and demanding the ball. That’s something I’d not do if I got another puppy. But the barking gets on my nerves. Interestingly she doesn’t bark for my son or the dog walker! She is a spoilt brat! I have been advised to go cold turkey with her but because especially in winter I need her to have a good run in a short lunch hour - retrieval it is interspersed with hunting games and a bit of training. Freddie is quite happy to just bimble along and if someone throws the ball, happy days! 

I’m writing this boxed in on both sides by spaniels. Freddie is a deep booming woofer when he thinks someone is at the door. The house uo the road is having a loft conversion done so there’s been skip wagons to bark at and scaffolders and big delivery wagons. Plus it’s bin day. He jumps up at woofs then Madam Barkypants joins in. It’s all over in a few seconds but I keep using the phrase 

‘Bloody dogs’ 

Either muttered to myself or out loud! 

It’s the start of the third week off. I think my first tomato will be eaten today -

I’m going to wait until it’s been warmed by the midday sun to pluck it and stick it on a cracker with some cheese! I’ve no idea what variety it is as it was a surprise of my friend!

I picked a little posy to dry for my other friend who is collecting samples for wedding nonsense next year for her daughter. Those frilly poppies are just gorgeous and look like taffeta or silk fabric to me. 

It’s a mixture of sun and clouds today - got three loads dry yesterday and have washed the dogs car crate cover and blankets just now ready to peg out. I’m awaiting three parcels today and am undecided wether to do roast chicken for tea or lamb koftas. Think the chicken so then can have leftovers! I’ll do it with some hasselback potatoes I’ve decided and lots of lovely veg. We had a full English for tea last night. Really enjoyed it for a change. After the parcels come I’ll stroll the dogs. 

Not to the big handy field at the back of us because bloody travellers have different horses illegally tethered on there. I’m reporting them daily to the council for two reasons. 

1. The welfare of the horses - no shelter, no freedom to roam, danger from kids, dogs etc also some of them are vicious and will move to you to kick and bite. 

2. If you want a horse, buy or rent a sodding field. I’d have to. I actually do not give a flying fox about their Romany Gypsy heritage or whatever it is they will claim again for two reasons

1. The people who own the horses live in houses year round. Houses, fixed to the floor, made out of brick. Yes they may travel to Appleby horse fair but so what? That’s just like going on holiday. 

2. The field is not common ground. They are free to graze their horses on common land as os their right. That field is for public use. There’s two football pitches on it. There is horse muck all over. Great circles of grass are ruined with hooves and over grazing. Churned up mores especially after the downpours we’ve had. 

I was chatting to a man who knows a bloke at the council who are on the long legal process of doing things. So there’s loopholes. It beggars belief! These people who live in a house are also parking their carts and vans on the field - it gets me MAD. 

The council have to post a notice on the field saying whoever owns these horses has 4 days to move them else the council will come get them. 

These lawless morons pull out the posts and simply switch horses. So then the process starts again. The council ARE NOT ALLOWED to simply just turn up and remove the horses. I mean what kind of state is this country in? I think the council should just risk it and remove them anyway. Or remove the travellers - we always called them Potters as kids. I know a few spoil it for the rest but sadly stereotypes are born because of them doing what they do. 

Anyway. Huff hmph grrrr. 

Let me know if the links work if you can be bothered! The videos are only 8 seconds and you will need sound on ! 

Lots of love 

Rachel *riled up* Radiostar xx 


  1. Nope, both videos say Video unavailable, this video is private! I think Councils and the like nowadays are so terrified of being sued or backlashes that they just cover their arses all the time and do nothing. And that doesn't just apply to travellers, it's any minority group. This country nowadays is just too blinking 'woke' for it's own good. What happened to good old fashioned common sense?! xx

    1. Hi Sooze, I think I fixed it now. Was just trying something new x

  2. Hi, both videos work perfectly for me! I love the frilly poppies x

  3. Hi, both videos work perfectly for me! I love the frilly poppies x

  4. The links worked for me. The dogs are so clever. It seems the minority have more rights than the majority and get away with things we wouldn't be able to. Maureen

  5. I have enjoyed watching the two videos.

  6. The videos are viewable here in Canada. :) -Jenn

    1. Hi Jenn, I’ll tell Freddie he’s gone global ! X thank you R x

  7. Videos work perfectly for me, love the way they do a Derwish circle before sitting. Just wish Blogger would too and get me of 'Anonymous"! I feel for you re unauthorised incursions, it's a horrible situation and never ending battle! Annabeth

  8. The videos work fine and what super dogs. We had a Welsh Springer many years ago called Bootsie, he was so clever and could do many amazing things one of which was to pick an egg up so gently he wouldn't even get any saliva on it let alone break the shell! Not sure why we got him to do that something about picking up game without harming it on a shoot NOT that he was ever a gun dog as we abhor shooting, hunting anything like that but it must have been in his genes. I messaged you heard ago about your nephew as we have members of our family with retinablastoma. I hope he is well and happy? My great niece who has it is getting on fabulously. Take care and thank you for posting your lovely dogs. Sue G


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