Sunday 20 August 2023

Catch up Weekend

Hi everyone, I love catching up with all the blogs I read and it made me wonder, not that I write this ‘for’ anyone as such, and some kind souls do say they like it when I post, if a new post from me, ‘delights’ in the same way those new posts of others delights me! 

Firstly, though, I’d like to say a great big fat thank you for those checking out my attempts at loading videos and then taking the time to comment. It is much appreciated. I may post more in the future now they work! ( Sooze I I changed the settings x ) 

I have so many favourite blogs to read and I think it’s because I would be friends in real life with the people who write those blogs. The internet is a strange old place. Twitter can be vicious, horrendoes, scary and poignant, emotional and joyeous. I’ve connected with a few folks on there but the way it’s going I’ll not be on there much longer

It’s late Saturday afternoon here, the wind and rain from Storm Betty’s outer reach have bogged off and it’s sunny now. The rugby is on the TV and Wales just got absolutely trounced by South Africa.  I’m making a chicken korma for tea tonight and there’s poppadoms and naan breads to go with - though I won’t have the naan. I’m off bread and am actively avoiding it much as it kills me. It kills me though to eat it! Even my own homemade sourdough starter loaves are hurting my joints and  I’ve got a right spare tyre bulge that bulges worse after bread! I know I’ve said it so so so many times before on here and on the other blog - very neglected that blog is ) I am boring! 

Bluebell went out for a lovely long walkies with Mr 26 and has dined on a treat of high quality Turkey n veg tinned food, a few biscuits and some magic seaweed powder that cleans her teeth! She’s at the vet Tuesday for annual jabs and check up. We are then going over to see Miss 29 and her beau for a few days away as the HG has a legitimate week off work. 

I say it like that as in the last few weeks work has been very scarce and he’s been home more than me! 

My neighbour’s hubby has just been made redundant in a last in first out way and as he’s not been there 2 years he’ll not be eligible for any payout. His wife has just got a new apprenticeship role as a Prison Officer so will be starting that ( £30k ) but said with their high mortgage they will struggle to manage. They’ve two young children and hopefully he will find something soon. 

We have less than 12 months now on our mortgage and when that’s done I think the HG will want a new car. On one of the blogs I read, the author is a teacher who has just retired and is enjoying the first none starter of the school year. That’s two retired teacher blogs I read. No three - Tracy, Joy and Luna’s Mum - Bloody hell that’s her name and my own 2nd blog’s name I cannot bring to mind whilst writing this. Scary. I hate it when my brain does this. I could, of course, look them both up before writing but wanted to record it here. I am a bit tired. But not too badly. Could be menopause - though the menos  have to to permanently pause. I got to 156 days without then like buses, two came along at once! Could be early onset dementia- I am seriously considering finding out. It’s scary to me when my mind draws a total blank. It happens a lot with people - not just names - but actual real people who will chat away to me and I don’t even recognise them - not - ahh I know you but shit  what’s your name type scenario. Actual zero recollection of knowing them. I’ve got quite good at masking/bluffing my way through. 

I had my hair done on Thursday and loved every second of it. I finished a jigsaw that I enjoyed doing so much I eked it out.

I have blocked out the little matinee jacket and will sew it up tomorrow.

I’ve enough of the wool left to knit some little bootees. I’ve not been baking much because I don’t want to eat it! Having said that, today at Aldi I bought a tub of clotted cream for some scones I plan to make tomorrow! I’m going to put the tea on shortly and then as the sun is shining I will sit out with my feet on my Revitive for an hour and read my can’t put it down book! I’ll share that next post. 

I’ve spent some time with my friend today. The HG replaced some glass in a kitchen window for her daughter and we went to have a look at the dooer upper she bought. It’s lovely and cute. We have been invited to the wedding next March and it’s something to look forward to. Also something to look forward to is the World Cup Football match tomorrow. Not a fan by any means but I do follow the major tournaments somewhat. I much prefer watching the women - they are faster and more interesting than the men! I hope the England girls can do it. 

The news yesterday was heartbreaking for the parents of those tiny babies murdered by a monster doing her evil ways hiding on plain sight. I cannot even begin to imagine what state of mind you’d have to have to want to do something like that. I feel for HER parents and wider family too. I think she should NOT be allowed to choose to not attend sentencing. She should be cattleprodded out and up the stairs into the dock to face her fate. I doubt it will bring any comfort to those bereaved parents at all. 

It’s now Sunday 6am ish. The HG already got up with Bluebell and it is absolutely bouncing down out there. I’ve the shopping coming at 9-10 and I was very very good this time, meal planned the week ish. Only bought what I needed to supplement some freezer meals and decided I was worth the £ for the lightly dusted cod fillets I like! Last night I made a rather delicious chicken korma - the HG is such a delicate flower you know and can’t go much hotter than that! I’m no chilli fiend and cannot understand how some people would want to burn their mouths out! We also then shared some licorice allsorts . Not as good as the ones I recall from my youth. They seemed sweeter and softer. The meals this week will be a little varying but no hardship to me the main cook. For example, the HG and Mr 26 will be having pork chops with veg etc tonight for tea - it was a pack of 2 chops from the freezer. I will have the same veg but with the leftover chicken curry! I’m not that fussy about what will go with things! We will all have gammon steak on Monday - with actifry chips and peas - I’ll have a side salad. The boys will have bread hahaha somethings I’ve bought that were on offer like some chicken kievs - not had them in ages and again a pack of two. I wasn’t buying two packs because I didn’t want a spare one in the freezer as I’m trying my best to empty the darned thing! I’ve written about it before and I’d never buy one again! It’s a side by side American style fridge freezer with water and ice dispenser and it must be getting on for 15-20 years old now. Each side has three shelves and then 3 drawers but the freezer side is smaller and if you don’t have things level - they will slide off the shelves and out of the freezer every time you go in there for something! Next time I’d still want a water and ice dispenser, but they now do them with the fridge on the top and big freezer drawers at the bottom. I’ve decided for now to keep the fridge freezer downstairs in the cellar switched on and I do like a store of bread and milk in it. I’ve also got things like frozen cauli rice and big bags frozen veg in there and it’s handy for frozen pizzas because it’s got wide drawers! 

Todays plans are shower, shopping away, take Bluebell for a run on on the field at the back of us,  brunch - bacon, sausage, hash browns, tomatoes from the garden, scrambled egg, beans and mushrooms with toasted soda bread for them ( no bread for me ), clear away, go see Ma in law to make her lunch and watch first half of England v Spain, go see my Mum and watch second half of the game, home, knitting/jigsaw/relax/tidying away more In my bedroom - I’ve been vacuum packing clothes away that don’t fit but I will get back in to them  in preparation for us getting new wardrobes. Vacuum packing things is as addictive to me as power washing! I find it strangely hypnotic! Make the tea, clear away, stroll the dog and go back to Kingstown* for a couple episodes then bed! Who knew life could be so exciting! 

This  made me laugh this week. 

Love from Rachel *lucky to have these days of non adventures described in my blog strapline* Radiostar xxx 

*Mayor Of Kingstown - TV programme by Taylor Sheridan who did all the Yellowstone series. It’s on Paramount+ which is a streaming service like Netflix. We had to watch the first episode a couple of times to get the jist and it’s a bit violent and far fetched but perfect escapism! 


  1. Yes a new post of yours always delights me, Rachel - you never fail to make me laugh out loud! I'm exactly the same as you with bread - I only ever eat sourdough nowadays (I have one called Jasons, a proper sourdough with very few ingredients, supermarkets stock it), and then only about 2 or 3 slices a week. I do love good bread, but it doesn't half give me gut ache, bloat and aching joints. The sourdough gives less of those problems, but I still can only eat it very rarely. Have a lovely day! xx

  2. Days are boring, not easy to plan, it might be sunny and warm when I get up, but by mid afternoon it's cooler or raining and by the evening it's cold, our summer is truly mad this year. Love the jigsaw, thought you had been doing patchwork, your knitting is pretty, you must have a good stash by now.

  3. A new blogpost by yourself always a joy! I rarely comment, which thinking about it is a bit selfish! Sorry! My big new is that my son and partner have just got engaged! They’ve been living together for a few years, and Ceinwen is lovely ! It’ll be nice to have a wedding to look forward to at some point! PennyL in Dorset x


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