Saturday 1 July 2023

A week on

 Hi everyone, 

My lovely friend gifted me some of these beautiful poppy plants. They are flowering but currently getting battered by the winds. 
It’s a week on from my Birthday. I didn’t have a cake as I didn’t want to make one. Instead I went to the posh garden centre on a good old fashioned middle aged lady day out and bought my favourite favourite lemon crunch cheesecake as a treat. Only one slice too! I was thoroughly spoilt as always. Lots of beautiful cards and I am lucky and thankful of the gorgeous people who sent them. 

The HG asked me what would I like and for once I’d decided! I asked for some money to put towards something. 

I’ve been saving for a bit, there’s my Christmas money, some birthday money from last year and then this year’s. Anyway I decided I wanted one of those Revitive leg massagers that Ian Botham, Gloria Hunniford and Eamonn Holmes advertise. My reasons being I’ve a few veins on one leg and in the  recent heat my ankles turned into cankles and I thought the health benefits would help the HG too who always has cold feet - think his circulation needs a bit of help. Anyway I researched and found the best deal, did it through Quidco and Boots in the end, made £10 cash back on Quidco and it was triple points or something on boots and got £27 ish in advantage card points. 

I decided to go top of the range and it comes with an app so I can control it from my phone! 

A week in and wow what a difference it’s made. 

Confessions of a food addict - never mind falling off the wagon, that wagon is in the distance, on fire. So the old enemy of sugar and carbs has affected me in my joints etc etc and I know all this and I willingly put the toxic stuff in my mouth. In fact. It’s not my brain or mouth at fault! It’s my bloody HANDS!!! Shovelling it in. Anywayyyyyyyyyy boring never ending quest for health moan over 

So I charged it up, sat comfortably with my feet on it. It told me I was well hydrated. Smug. Then I thought hmm is it doing anything? I was getting pins and needles but I thought that was because I was sat just so. 

No you turn up the dial!! It is the weirdest thing I’ve ever felt!!! Like rhythmic thuds and squeezes up your legs and when your muscles contract it rocks!!! My toes are curling here with the electric therapy!!! 

But after a couple of uses the HG noticed that I wasn’t moaning about standing up - you know - getting up with sound effects and walking like a 99 year old lady- I was up and down stairs with less knee pain and my daily steps have increased too. Not sure if it’s because this is new and I’m tracking, if I’m remembering to charge up my watch to count steps or my legs are lighter and therefore I’m standing more and doing more. Anyway a week on and I have a pleasing graph to look at! 

Miss 29 sent me flowers and a lovely spaniel mug. Mr 26 is gifting me a specialist pillow for shoulder pain when it comes - hahaha crikey I am sounding so old but I do have stage 4 and prob a bit more now arthritic shoulders - I need a replacement but in all honesty, I’m scared, so I will wait and put it off. I received lovely pamper hampers from friends, plus a purple flowered filled hanging basket and new solar lights and a spinny thing for the garden. Jewellery, smellies and chocs too!

Here you can see last year’s gift of bee lights from my boss, my new spinny thing infront of my magnificent goat’s beard plant ( that I always thought was an astilebe) which is a legacy from the HG’s Grandmother, who’s house we live in. It’s over 100 years old and is FULL of bees. Plus it used to hide my bins brilliantly! 

I love my garden at night. 

This beautiful globe light hangs by my back door and casts the most gorgeous shadow pattern on the walls and floor. It looks like I’ve a very fancy patio! It’s just plain concrete - the photos do not do it justice. It was almost a scene of an unsolvable crime - last week when we were all in a tropical heatwave, and my age added to the fun with super duper hot flashes, I went outside at 3am to cool off. But it was windy and the floor was MOVING and made me dizzy and almost fell. I was laughing to myself imagining the scene the next day where I’d fallen and knocked myself out and no one could work out it was the swirly pattern from the solar light!!! 

I’m just waiting for my shopping to arrive and then I’ll do another risky peg out of my bedding. Am home today so can operate sky watch and do the rain fetch. I may retire to my sewing room too. I love the weekends. I want to watch that new Puzzles show on Ch5 so when the HG has his afternoon nap, it might be cup of tea and TV time for me! I think I want to knit something too. Not sure what but I’ve plenty of wool and patterns so will have a look. Best get moving a bit. On me new revitalised legs! Will do 10 mins weeding with an ear out for the shopping! 

Bye everyone 
R x


  1. If you mean puzzle show with Lucy whatshername, I enjoyed the questions, but sadly she is the most boring host. I did watch Ken Bruce on 4 catchup, PopmasterTV, which I enjoyed. Your garden is posh, I do like a twinkly light in the garden, Marlene, Poppypatchwork

  2. What a brilliant gift to yourself. I am so glad you had such a fab birthday. xx

  3. Happy belated birthday, sounds like it was a good one! I've been eyeing those Revitive thingies and really pleased to hear that they work. I'm tempted ...

  4. Ooh, let us know how you get on with the foot/leg thingy. I am suffering with restless legs at the moment and it is so uncomfortable. My arthritic knees are grumpy with the weather too. Maybe I should invest in one myself. xx


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