Friday 31 March 2023

Sourdough Success

 Susan was rubbish. Then came Kevin. He was started with some oh my goodness that was expensive Keffir milk. I drank the rest and felt wholesome from within but he too wasn’t great. I brought him into the living room, not much warmer but twas enough. However he wasn’t smelling so good by day 6. So he went the same way as Susan. However my best friend in real life came to the rescue and brought me some of her discard from her starter called Doughanna Lumley. I declared myself to be a murderer with previous convictions but she risked it and well the screen shots of our chit chat prove how bonkers about bread we both have become! As a baker I wasn’t used to failure in the kitchen

Once I’d taken delivery I was then sending progress reports every ten minutes - ooo look at it now and ooooo look now! My starter is called Bundon Flowers and  currently he’s waiting in the fridge to be woken up gently for the weekend bake! I’d started churning out so much bread the freezer was full! 

It’s the last day of work for two weeks today and I’m glad. It’s been a crazy half term and I’ve a parent workshop to do with my friend this morning and then do some admin this afternoon then that’s it. A much needed rest. Nothing planned really for the two weeks. Housework catch up etc days out in week 2 when the HG is off and pleasing myself which is my favourite! Finishing this jigsaw is on the agenda! Isn’t it gorgeous. 

If I get a move on I might get a few more bits in before work! But first, coffee! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *almost there folks* Radiostar xxx


  1. Oh, wow - just look at that bread. It looks absolutely amazing! Worth persisting, isn't it?
    I hope the last day of term goes well for you. Enjoy the chocolate! xx

  2. Hooray for the Easter break - enjoy!

  3. Doughanna Lumley!!! oh that did make me laugh. Do you know, you've gone a whole blog without mentioning Bluebell?!?! xx

  4. I enjoyed reading this - at one time I was heavily into making sourdough, the starters weren't too much of an issue with me, although they do sometimes behave like a naughty pet! The actual loaf making process always seemed a faff compared to other methods - perhaps I was taking it too seriously:) when I read about other folks efforts in sourdough ( should that be adventures in?) I want to start again but not sure our aging teeth are up to that glorious crust anymore - hey ho!
    Alison in Wales x

  5. Your bread looks amazing. I never kept my sourdough starter alive for long enough that I could try it :(


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