Sunday 5 February 2023

What an amazing woman

 Last night on Twitter I saw a tweet that caused me to  follow the link and I’ve just read her blog from the start. I’ve laughed and cried and just thought the best thing to do is share her story because of never know where her story may help you or others. 

I know when it was the HG going through his cancer thing, the first thing I did was internet trawl  his type of cancer and found little bits - but not enough personal stuff - so that is why I wrote my little side blog. 

It could have been much better in hindsight. But it’s there. 

You never know.

In other news, February so far TV wise  has been busy. Yesterday I watched the Irish annihilate the Welsh and the Scots take the Calcutta cup! I also watched the amazing Tom Hanks in Greyhound. Wow what a film. We are on a countdown to the Happy Valley finale tonight safe n the knowledge we’ve a bank of Vera’s to go at! 

I did an hour of book keeping so my future self next January will thank my Feb 2023 self because I will have forgotten about it by now. I was supposed to do some crafting but chose jigsaw instead. Washing and chatting happened too. I love Saturdays for pottering. 

Today I am going to birth my very first Sourdough Starter. I e deliberated a name for it. Think I might call it Susan, the Sourdough Starter! 

I bought the far years ago but now it’s got something else in it so will need to hunt it out and wash it and stick it through the dishwasher to sterilise it. 

The health benefits to sourdough bread are what appeals to me as an occasional slice for me doesn’t seem to affect my joints in the way shop bought ordinary bread does. And I’m not a bread snob at all. Warburton white toasty would be on my death penalty last meal list - slightly toasted with butter and jam on it. I’d use it to make a chip shop chip butty too. Last meal list now has me thinking! What would I choose? Dippy egg and WWT soldiers! Anyway I’m now craving white soft bread haha and I’m not succumbing - mostly because I don’t buy it for the very reason it is my downfall! 

I’ve a shop coming this morning and it’s a shop of two halves. Plenty of healthy fruit n veg and plenty of snacks! I’m stocked up now for the rest of the month and want to try and apart from milk and maybe lunchbox fruit not buy anything else! 

One of my friends has started a 2023 temperature blanket. It’s crochet and I think it’s the stitch I know how to do! I may park the idea for next year having already lost January. But I might start either the simple crochet stitch I can do or a knitted version on March 1st and call it a seasonal blanket. Spring being my start. 

Today we will no doubt visit the elderlies and walk the dog but I may go through my wool stash to start a bank of colours to go with the temps! I may do a clear out to school too as I know I’ve far too much wool and I need the storage space for my felt!!! 

I’ve started supplying my florist friend with bespoke bride and groom gingerbread folk - she secretly gifts them!! 

I love dressing the groom the best! 

She gives me the mood board thingy and I try to match best I can! Which reminds me - I need to invoice her! Business woman of the year! 

Started supplying - I make myself laugh - done two so far!!!

Also I need to make one of these for my friend who had a baby last month. 

Right that’s enough for now. Must get busy. 

Love from 

Rachel *will probably sit here a bit longer in all honesty* Radiostar xxx


  1. Wow, love the bridal gingerbread folk, what a fantasticly clever idea! Good luck with the sourdough!

  2. Nothing wrong with thick white sliced bread, as long as it's not a cheap doughy loaf, my tummy will tell you differently if I eat too much. I have just started a lap blanket for my 6'2" hubby, it will be finished in time for spring. Love your gingerbread people, do you do chicks and rabbits??

  3. She is an amazing woman, such a great attitude. Thanks for naming your sourdough starter after me!! (although only my mother called me Susan and only when she was telling me off, haha). I haven't actually started off any sourdough for a couple of years now.....perhaps it's time to start! Your brides and grooms are fabulous. xx

  4. I clicked the link and read the post, having survived breast cancer in 2010, I found her words startling honest, very brave and bless her funny.


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