Tuesday 7 February 2023

Happy Valley - The End

 Well, that was one of the best hour’s and a bit that I’ve spent on a Sunday Evening, even felt a little bit sorry for old Tommy Lee Royce. Great writing, acting and direction. Loved it. 

Welol, let me introduce you now to Susan. 

Born this very evening. It’s my first go and I’ve already made a mistake but I’m going with it. 

My jar was washed, went through the dishwasher and then I sterilised it some more by drying it off in my oven that I’d turned off after making tea. 

I am trying this method I found on the internet. 

Weighed the empty jar - 920g

I’ve used double ingredients because I think my jar was way too big! I’m sure I’ve a half the size of that one somewhere but let’s see what happens. It’s only flour I had in. My wholemeal flour is organic though and on a different site it said organic isn’t great for Susans. 

Oh well. 
This week so far has been hideous for news. 
Those poor people in Turkey and Syria. 
That poor headteacher and her daughter and may the murdering husband rot in hell. 
The very public case of the girl gone missing at the side of the river - those poor girls without a mum right now. The poor victims of that monster Carrick. I count my blessings I really do. 

Love from Rachel  *sourdough Starter Susan* Radiostar x 


  1. I'm useless at sourdough and wish you and Susan all the luck in the world as you start your relationship together!
    You're right, it has been terrible news week so far. xx

  2. The statement of a friend of the the headteacher, said as a woman we are only as safe as the man we live with, how true, and the poor partner and children of the missing mum, life is so sad.

  3. Good luck with Susan! I could never get mine past day three. X


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