Wednesday 16 February 2022

Making My favourite-a recipe

 Here is how I make one of the tastiest slow cooker dishes I make and it’s based on a Pinch of Nom recipe for Campfire Stew. The reason I love it so much is that it’s cheap and makes LOADS. And it looks like Spagbol in the freezer but when you defrost it and you realise what it is, the spark of joy is IMMENSE hahaha so 


Piece gammon, soaked in cold water 24 hours- all visible fat removed

Tin baked beans 

Tin any other beans 

Tin chopped tomatoes

2 tblspns tomato purée 

I had half a tin of  amazing chicken stock left so added

that but you don’t have to add stock

Half a bag frozen peppers if no fresh available

Couple carrots, onions and celery chopped

1tspn of cumin, coriander, smoked sweet paprika, 1/2 tspn cajun spice - it’s my fave 

Some chilli flakes, black pepper, Worcester sauce one garlic 

Put it all in the slow cooker, switch it on and forget about it for the day. 

Once cooked, shred the gammon with two forks and add some fresh peppers if you want. 

Freezes well. Makes so much! 

Oh I chopped some mushrooms and added them. Be perfect as a veggie dish - I’d add some more beans/veg and use a vegetable stock. 

I have started a new jigsaw and tomorrow will spend some time in the craft room. The weather sounds filthy outside and I’m hoping to sleep through. 

Made some bread rolls or baps or buns today because the men were having burgers for tea. I had salad. 

Did a slow rise. Excellent crumb and result. I had one. The rest are for them! 
 Right off to make a brew and watch The Bay 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *getting a new dishwasher* Radiostar xx


  1. I love pinch of mom, they build so much taste in each recipe, not tried the gamon one yet. Planning to craft over next 3 days.

  2. The rolls, baps or buns look really good. I have a new and as yet unused oven, so many baking ideas on the blogs today, I'm tempted to give it a whirl.

  3. will be keeping me busy in the kitchen with that recipe me thinks...sounds rather filling and tasty. x

  4. It sounds amazing I love easy recipes like this, I've pinned it for later, I bet those buns were yummy I can smell them from here. Have a great day. xx

  5. The campfire stew sounds deelish - I love meals you can just bung in the slow cooker and forget about till it's ready to eat later. Ooh and I like your slow cooker bags....what a good idea!

  6. The stew and buns look delicious. I had to laugh when I saw the can of chicken stock, I thought it was a can of beer. Over here chicken stock comes in a tetra pack!!

  7. The stew looks so delicious. I might have a go next weekend after i gathered some of what is needed.


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