Sunday 6 February 2022

Friday 4th Feb

 Bit tricky to say without your front teeth and seeing as three of my regular cherubs are 5 and 6 years old, no one has a front tooth to help them form an eff ! 

Tooth wobbling should be an Olympic Sport. Those of you who do not work in a school are missing out on 30 plus eager cherubs with eager mouths being thrust towards you complete with eager fingers wiggling and waggling, telling you to look, but it sounds like 

Uck! Uuuuck!  Then you have to feign excitement and interest whilst trying not to retch as your stomach turns over! I HATE seeing wobbly teeth - especially the ones that are handing on by a thread! You also have to hide your mirth at the poor wee souls whose teeth are not ready to be lost, as they frantically waggle their fingers in their mouths, desperate for a hint of a wobble! 

We have special little envelopes in school for the ones that come out mid phonics lesson! 

What a week. Full time Nurture plus supporting over lunch means I’m home 1-2 for lunch which means I have one hour in the afternoon to do ALL the other things which this week has included a session of Lego therapy, chatting to children who are having a time of it and trying to robustly fill in a referral form for such things that we know are happening yet almost certainly know it’ll be rejected!!! 

So am now on the sofa giggling at Would I lie to you. And trying to get blog posts sorted. 

A few photos to share. 

Wore my new perfume - Christmas present from Miss 27. I don't normally wear scent but it was pleasant to be complemented on smelling nice! 
Succumbed to the trend - we called them word ladders back in the day.

Tricksy little 500 piece on the board.

It's now 11.45am on Sunday morning and I think I have finally sorted my newest other blog to summat like. 


Facts for today
1. Up at 5
2. Washing - 1 load dark so far
3. Bluebell been showered after walkies with Dad included Paddlies in Park Puddles
4. Roast Gammon for tea
5. Still devastated about Wales losing to Ireland but will cope.
6. Will clean bathroom later.
7. Cup of coffee time. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel * might do a few rows of knitting before doing anything else* Radiostar xxx


  1. I love and hate Wordle about the same, have you found Worgle yet, same as Wordle but with 1 more letter, then there is Nerdle for number wizzards. I won't get anything done in the mornings now.

    1. I best not try to find anything else to do! Am resisting the urge to google hahahah

  2. I don't know that perfume, I'll have to have a sniff next time I'm in Boots. I always wear perfume, I have the ones I use for best and everyday ones too which are a bit less expensive. Yes, I'm hooked on Wordle, and I enjoy Nerdle too, the number puzzle, but I definitely have to engage the grey matter for that.

  3. What could be worse than a child with wobbily oldie but goldie with their teeth in upside down...and refusing to let you help them! Quite a mouthful. x


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