Friday, 24 December 2021

Have yourselves a merry little Christmas.

 It's Christmas Eve night, I'm now sat, feet up watching the Royal carol service and I have to say I am loving it. I bloody love Kate and William. I find the readings and the words quietly comforting. It's that childhood nostalgia growing up going to church.

Sooo today I have given the house the tidy through. The HG and Miss 27 took the dogs to a lovely little place called Arnside. It was mostly because Miss 27 wanted to get some delicious cakes from a little Beach hut. They all came back absolutely sh*t up to the nines. They'd been on the beach and in the sea. so it was the dogs' second bath in two days. They've slept the rest of the day away. 

I've slowly softened in my own homemade butter, a load of onions and shallots for the sprouts and the stuffing. I did the same with some mushrooms for jusching up some packet stuffing.  I've prepped the veg, The table has been laid with my new table linen -it looks lovely. I'm tempted to take it all off before we eat hahaha.  I didn't even iron it!!!!

I thought I'd show and tell my very first embroidered tree decoration I made on my sewing machine. It's all just thread! 

I finally finished this jigsaw I got from a charity shop in the summer. It's 'only' a 500 piece but it's been deceptively tricksy and I have really enjoyed doing it. I wanted my board clear so I can start my new Charity shop Christmas jigsaw. 
It's just us 4 tomorrow and the 2 dogs. Miss 27's young man has gone back to the North East to spend some time with his Mum who has been a bit poorly. 

This has made me giggle today! We have watched Elf this afternoon which made us all laugh. I've declared the Christmas coffee table open for I have poured the chocolates into my Aunty Laura's posh trifle dish. 

So far me and mine ( including our parents ) have escaped Covid infection but our really good friends have all succumbed and then one of my best friend's has tested positive today. 
I just will post some pics of my decor before signing off.  Some of these things are as old as Miss 27!

This is the wrong wreath - I generally have white light in the lounge and warm lights in the dining room but it looks nice in real life.

Whatever you do tomorrow and who with, I hope it makes you happy and content. 
If it's hard for you, it's just one day.  Chase away the dark with some light - be it candle  or happier memories. 

Happy Rachmas to you!! 

PS Meant to say my sister has started posting again here   -so for a Harry update...Harry's Story so far


  1. I was moved to tears by the Lemn Sissay (I think I've got that right) poem. It was absolutely beautiful.

    1. Me too, and then the letter from home read by Tom Felton set me off again.

    2. Oh, gosh, yes - it was so from the heart and he read it so well.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and all the family Rachel. Have a wonderful time. xx

  3. Happy Christmas to you all. Love that jigsaw, just 'my' sort of brain-pain!

    Your decorations look beautiful.

  4. Have a wonderful time with your loved ones!

  5. And a heartfelt merry Christmas to you and yours m’dear

  6. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Xx

  7. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Racheal! I love your decorations and the table linens are beautiful! I posted the butter tart recipe for you on my blog. Lots of snow here and VERY cold, -34C and -52C with the wind chill. We haven't been out of the house for a week!!!


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