Wednesday 29 December 2021

Gosh, that went quick!

 It's gone so quick, I will track backwards. Well it's the 29th December, I am the only one up. It's delightfully dark outside and I'm typing by the light of my beautiful Christmas tree. I'm sandwiched betwixt two sleeping off their breakfasts spaniels, They are lovely and clean and fluffy as after their jaunt on the shore yesterday, as ever, they needed a shower and shampoo! It was a foul morning at first but then the sky brightened and it was mild and that is when we ventured out. I was dead chuffed with this shot! 

At first it was lovely and quiet but towards the end of our walk it was definitely more peopley. And with people came their out of control dogs just haring up to us. Mind you, Madam Bluebell at the end of the walk decided to pretend she couldn't hear me and buggered off out of sight onto the sand. She ignored her whistle. Freddie had set off after her but decided to be a good boy and came back straight away. As always she did reappear after a few seconds but she was then on  her  lead until we got to the car! Anyway the most awful stench ruined the fresh air - someone was smoking a joint somewhere - we couldn't place it which was a shame because I would have told them exactly what I thought. It was giving me a headache. I absolutely am so anti drugs it's unreal and absolutely against cannabis because of the stench and the damage it does. Don't even come at me with the it's good for certain medical conditions - well then a GP approved non stinky fully LEGAL prescription is none of my business, It doesn't affect me. Yes alcohol and cigarettes are toxic and affect the body etc but you can buy them legally. I watched Grange Hill. Just say NO! 

Weed absolutely STINKS AND MAKES ME FEEL SICK. So I will complain. It also does ruin lives. To those who say it's not a gateway/addictive drug I say I don't care/believe you etc. It ruins lives. I have had to support families with food banks ( I say families I mean the mother ) because the Father spends £100 a week on the filthy stuff. The children's clothes stink of it, they are lethargic in school. it exposes them to the criminality county lines, unsavoury people and I just HATE it. 

Anyway it STANK. If you oppose what I say then tough shit. I am never going to change my mind. You can stop reading and leave my bit of the internet thank you very much,

Blimey I got a bit ranty there! The rest of the day was taken up with visiting my Ma in law and nipping for some coal and a few bits. I needed foil and a new mop bucket and a new mat for the dog bowl area! 

At home we chilled out with me starting and getting on with one of my new from the Charity shop festive jigsaws - I got 2 for £4 each. Brand new too.

  We had turkey and chips for tea with the last of the gravy and I cooked the rest of the pigs in blankets. Miss 27 is still here but she went off to Blackpool with her best friend from her Nursery and primary school days. I love they are still pals. They went for lunch and the matinee performance of Hairspray. She said it was brilliant. We watched the Christmas edition of All creatures great and small and I went to bed after that about 9pm. I was tired out - I should have been going to my friend's for drinks and a catch up but after being ill the day before I wasn't really up for it. 

27th December -  I spent the most of it in bed recovering from the after effects of a hideous night of  how can I put it delicately D & V. I'd woken up at 2.39am with horrendous tummy pains and a night on the throne ensued! So it was a total write off. The dogs went out with The HG and Miss 27. I slept through the day and got up about 6pm to try a weak black tea, later on I was hungry and tried a little bit of the Christmas Ham cooked by Mr 24. It stayed on board thank goodness and I slept through the night intact! After effects of the V bit meant that my sides hurt as if I have done 160 waist and side bends! 

The culprit I think was the dish of salted caramel pretzels I had on Boxing Day night. It's the only thing I had except for my dinner. I think it is the wheat. Overload. I am never eating pretzels again. 

The 26th. Boxing Day. 

Got up. Prepped the veg for Turkey Dinner mark 2. I did glazed carrots, cauli and broc cheese, roast potatoes and parsnips, new pigs in blankets, turkey stuffing and gravy and massive yorkshires. The HG went to collect his Mum and we had lunch and managed some white chocolate and raspberry roulade for pudding. The kids walked the dogs -  just onto the park - for a run - muddy run. We watched Paddington and snoozed on the sofa. His Mum became a little confused ( sundowning ) and was ready to go home. I plated her up a little dinner for the next day and after the HG got back we watched the festive episode of the Larkins. 

The 25th. Christmas Day 2021.

The HG got up with the dogs. We had decided not to put the gifts out Christmas Eve as per because Freddie has started to help himself to things left unattended and in reach! I actually fell back asleep so was all groggy and perplexed for the rest of the morning! It was a perfect day as it was just us 4 and the dogs so no panic if Christmas Dinner was late.  The presents were put out. Bluebell and Freddie were besides themselves! But the HG and I carried out the ritual of doing the turkey, stuffing it , weighing it and shoving it in the oven. I had prepped all the veg the day before. So in it went ready to come out 12.30 ish give or take a prod with my meat thermometer.  

We then exchanged gifts. I had some lovely surprises. Some fancy gadgets for my sewing room. The new Festive Friend from Luna Lapin and Cool Crafting. It is quite the thing. You order it without knowing what it is going to be! You then enter an unwritten contract whereby in the FB group ( You must join Marlene hahahah ) you agree to not open the boxes and reveal the secret! You must resist! 

Anyway I opened it and it's the most darling polar bear kit to make in a gorgeous duffel coat!

 I also got chocs, smellies and a beautifully soft huge scarf from my daughter. We got a joint gift of a £50 gift card for our favourite pub chain - chef and brewer - the ones we have been in welcome dogs and we've yet to have a bad meal. I also got books, slippers a new wireless charger port thingy for my phone and this lovely lego set!! It's to make myself a bunch of everlasting flowers! 

They will never die, they will never be cut from their rightful place in the garden and there will be no stinky slimey water to change. This was from Mr 24! Very good at buying presents! 

Bluebell and Freddie had plenty of fun helping to unwrap the gifts, both ours and theirs. 

Christmas Dinner was served just after 3 and it was delicious. We all pitched in and washed up and cleared away as we went along so we were all able to then relax together in front of the tv and roaring fire. I can’t even think what we watched. I recorded the Queen and put her on as darkness fell. I thought it was a very moving speech. I love the Queen. 

Nobody could move and nobody wanted anything else to eat! Perfect! 

So now back to Wednesday 29th at 21.35 - I started this post first thing, then I got busy! My day started at 5.50am and just me and the dogs caught up with some TV in the dark by the lights of my tree after I started this post on the laptop. I watched the first programme of The very British Scandal and I could not fully enjoy it as for me, Claire Foy will always be the Queen ! So watching the Queen ‘at it’ was rather unsavoury! I’ve read up a bit about the scandal and it just wouldn’t happen these days. Women really were the inferior sex back then. I also fast forwarded through The Variety performance. 

Then I re watched Jamie Oliver so I could note down the ingredients for his hodgepodge pie. 

I made it for tea tonight as my Mum came. 


The sauce was easy enough to make. But after two hours of prep and make , I reckon a sachet of the Swartz chicken stroganoff would be a very acceptable alternative!!!! Into the pie went the leftover Turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets, some fresh shredded sprouts and some chestnuts. The only deviation of mine to Jamie’s as well as not putting cranberry sauce in!! 

I also made some sausage rolls! 

Photos are out of synch. 

The pastry had a FULL PACK OF BUTTER in it and was bloody gorgeous too. And the best but is that my leftovers pie was huge so I can have leftover leftover pie tomorrow!!! 

Cheese and Christmas cake now with the last of my red wine I opened on Boxing Day. 

Till the next time! 


  1. Rant on, I too am disgusted by the apparent 'normalising' of getting off your head..

    Apart from the pretzels the rest of your Christmas looks lovely, and Freddie & Bluebell are always a delight to see.

  2. A rant well justified - I totally agree with you!

    You obviously had a fantastic Christmas time - that's lovely.

  3. Obviously pretzels are highly overrated and should be avoided at all costs! A festive jigsaw...a roaring fire...tree lights...a glass of something chilled...oh no I have to go to work later...such a shame!! Happy recovering from the little blip...or rather blop. x

  4. Rant well justified it also kills brain cells. I actually don't recognise it when I smell it, I think I must be nose blind. People come into our shop and others have said, he stunk of weed, and all i could smell was stale smoke. I'd be no good as a sniffer dog haha. I'm going to Google left over pie, it sounds delicious and you have given me an idea to make pigs in blankets sausage rolls.
    Looks like you go some wonderful gifts to keep you busy.
    Enjoy the rest of the week

  5. This reminded me of a walk we took near Tarn Hows. A group of young folk were sat 'enjoying' themselves down by the waterfall, when Lily commented (rather loudly) that it smelled like a hotel! I can declare, NOT any hotel we've ever stayed in.
    That pie looks amazing! And I'm looking forward to seeing your finished polar bear. Xx

    1. I need to finish my otter first before starting the polar bear! Smelled like a hotel hahahahaha

  6. I agree with your rant, so many people, me included do not see the horror of lives destroyed, well said. Your Christmas sounds perfect, we were at daughters so no left over turkey, shame as I love cold turkey. I'm off to face book to find that page. PS I've started my 3rd Luna and have a book of friends patterns.

  7. Love the photo of the pups, love the fact that Bluebell is totally 'a bloody Spaniel', love the rant (very well said m'dear) and love the look and sound of the fine fair that you enjoyed over Crimbo. A bugger about the D & V m'dear though like I always say "better out than in"
    Health n Happiness in the year ahead m'dear for you and yours and my the Norse Gods smile upon you.

    1. Thank You John - hoping that the Norse Gods also gift me a huge lotery win!

    2. Also they need to gift me the power of spelling! LOTTERY!!!!

    3. I don't think they are big on spelling m'dear, mines still bloody aweful...


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