Saturday 11 December 2021

Almost ready

Not the best photos and it does look better in real life - the second pic makes it look like it's leaning but it is the angle I am leaning at taking it!

 Well little blog of mine, 

popped back after being so so so busy since I last visited. 

School is full time Nurture group where small teeny, weeny steps of progress are made amongst the challenging behaviours of my little charges. I mean, on Tuesday and Thursday last week, NO ONE GOT BIT! This is a HUGE HUGE HUGE achievement of our little shark and I am very very proud and protective of my colleague and I and our charges. 

School is RIDDLED I tell ya with Covid. Two classes in particular have gone down like dominoes. I remain negative and had my booster last Saturday but oh my goodness,  in these peri menopausal days it would seem that the vaccines have proper messed things about in my body. Hopefully I'm now nearer the PAUSE bit in the menopause. It should really be called the menostop mind you. Enough moaning

The 2021 tree has been put up today by Mr 24, his sister and her beau. I have written some cards but need to post some off this week. I am fairly sure all presents are secured and I declare here that I will do better next year at being organised! The turkey has been ordered from the butcher and chocolates are stashed. I just cannot wait though for the days of not having to rush out to work and pleasing myself. 

Keeping this brief tonight. Off to bed now. 


  1. Welcome back, lovely tree and far better decorated than mine (which has a couple of dark gaps that I can see from here, oh, never mind!)

    As a long-ago student of medieval history, one thing I have been muttering since March 2020 is that pandemics, plagues, whatever you call 'em, used to take 3 or 4 years to settle down. I wish it was not so, but . . .

  2. Lovely to hear from you again and the tree looks fantastic. Not long to go now before the end of term - it's just one week round here.
    I get what you mean about a huge achievement - well done Little Shark and well done grown-ups too.

  3. Your tree is looking gorgeous! I hope you continue to remain negative. I'm half expecting to see that second line some time during Christmas week, so I should get myself better prepared, just in case. X

  4. Congratulations on small successes with your little people. Your Christmas tree looks wonderful in all its purple sparkly glory! -Jenn

  5. 'NO ONE GOT BIT! ', My god woman are you schooling the children of Dracula I wonder!
    Funny my New year's resolution (every New year mind) is to be more organised, oh and not to swear as much, though that tends to go out of the window by the time we've finished the New year's day walk as it usually involves meeting people of some description or other.

  6. Your tree looks stunning. We put our tree up yesterday, a week early, as we are too busy the following weekend. I'm looking forward to my 5 days off, 2 on and 3 days off.
    Sounds like you have many challenges with your little group at school.


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